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It isn’t the regen that’s exhausting Marco.
It’s having to constantly run back and forth while fighting two calamities. One moments he’s smashing King into a house, the next he’s protecting Hyogoro from Queen, the next he’s healing everyone on the the live floor, then he’s back to King again....

You get the idea. Marco is getting tired because he’s putting in work. Not because he’s healing.
He's done... exhausted means he can't fight anymore elonger
He is at his limits...even with reen

He only did those this chapter.

Base katakuri could run between Jinhei, capone, luffy, without even being hurt...
Could be attacked by ichiji etc...
Base kata never took damage at tes party despite being attacked by people
Jinhei internal attacks didnt work on him .

So beamsor bullets can hurt Marco and leave lasting damage but Katakuri attacks won't? Lol
Too much fanbyism

Cracker just needs to spam clones and tire marco hen rip marco
While Marco needs lots of kicks to break one clone.
G4 Kong organ couldn't break them all, marco won't!

Which proves again that he isnt top tier
Katakuri can multi task wiout beng tired
Same even with Perospero or Doffy

Doffy did birdcage while fighting Luffy, then fought gladiators...after being wounded by gk.
So spare me the excuse that he is fighting Ycs thats why he is exhausted .

If multitasking and low moves can exhaust him in less than hour... he is not Top tier or above doffy
can you even try to explain how its a good fight if sanji is bound to steamroll and counter his fruit completely? perospero has no pysical hype. he aint taking even 2 straight on attacks from sanji taht just melt through his candy armor. why the fuck are you talking about sanji crying tears of happiness like its something horrible? oh no sanji puts trust in his crewmembers. teamwork bad. so sexist. stop fucking crying my dude. wait and see where he ends up
And when he ends up fighting Perospero and then Queen, I’ll meet you there. After Wano ends u guys will still be thinking wait Sanji v king is gonna happen, just trust oda
Yeah keep crying like a bitch. Oda kept Doffy out of Wano for a reason, and Katakuri was the last step before Kaido. Luffy surpassed them, not Marco.

Marco has nowhere near that level of portrayal. Jozu's offence looked better than him in MF.

Doflmaingo couldn’t do shit to dressrosa luffy in gear 4th. Katakuri wasn’t the last step since luffy couldn’t even hurt kaido. Luffy needed more training.

Katakuri is trash and has been trash. Katakuri fanboys are weird as fuck
Marco literally gets his ass handed to him in less a few minutes by fighting 2 YC level people. LOL. Desperation incoming.

Doffy was fighting Luffy, Law, Colosseum fighters, while Fujitora + Zoro + Grand Fleet pushing against birdcage. He'd end up just like his pal Jozu.
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