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I must say it is funny how people learn nothing from Oda despite reading him for years and years... :yasu:
Marco "looking good" against King and Queen is equivalent to Law "looking good" against Doffy and Fujitora.
Only to end up losing against Doffy alone aka Marco loses to King alone. :yasu:
When did Law look good against Doffy and Fujitora?
He was abused as a football on Green bit while Marco is doing the same to the calamities, lmao.

What a trash ass comparison
Huh? Doffy got beaten by Luffy and Law even tho he had trebols, ballamy help. While Marco fighting two 1 billion berry man and having upperhand
Also Doffy never really fought Law and Luffy in sametime without help. He get always beaten down if Luffy and Law fight together...
So can use Marco ryo in combination with his flames? Would explain the shockwave effect of his attack?
Nah, Cracker fully deserves his YC3 title.
He was capable of hurting Luffy in G4 (which Doflamingo's CoA couldn't), held out at G4 for many hours straight with Nami helping Luffy in the meantime, he's got an 800M bounty even though the government doesn't even know his real face nor his true power, can create an army of biscuit soldiers each more resistant than Luffy's blows in G3.
It is true that Cracker has very little direct resistance to blows, but he is highly underrated.
Cracker is not a joke at all man.
King queen and Jack beat cracker. The big mom pirates is a crew that relies heavily on defense not offense. They are supposed to have the weakest commanders. That’s why they also have the lowest bounties.

big moms crew clearly has the weakest seeet commanders. The crew has the weakest commanders but the middle part with people like oven snack and the rest help make up for it
I like oden
but matey
he is not on wb or roger's tier.

was def wrong calling him low top tier rather than just a top tier
and have changed my stance on that
the question is

how long will you keep peddling the doffy top tier nonsense
before you realize you are just wrong .
to be fair, odens flashback laster 15-20 years. he was likley on 4 different levels throughout the flashback


Marco would curbstomp Doffy ass out of Dressrosa.
He won't

I dont like doffy but please

If King can hurt and overpower Marco with low moves then base doffy won't ven lose less than high diff
King tanked his named attack without much issues
Queen took 2 hits and wasn't even out for minutes

Awakened doffy > base/zoan Queen or King in AP and everything
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