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I don't know what is more impressive, MARCO sneaking into QUEEN, MARCOS was doing 1x1 with the King all this time, his damage received was the KING he caused, MARCO's healing is running out in 1x1 against the King. Base KING is cutting off MARCO's limbs like a bitch, MARCO's kick and named attack didn't do much damage to a less resistant BASE KING than his hybrid.

MARCO admitting inferiority and saying openly that he can only deal with them thanks to his healing that is ending. WARCO is LARCO. We are close to the capital already, and NO calamities have used hybrids yet, what does that mean ...
alliance winning here ... :suresure::suresure::milaugh:


Dude Yamato casually deal with current G2/G3(at best calamity lvl) and Pageone no sell G3, Marco beating two far stronger opponents as Pageone, stop this nonsense...

Marco stomps Doffy and his fodder crew.
Yamato isn't Marco.
Yamato is physical like her father.

Hybrid Marco named kick didnt even send Base Queen flying!
G3 sent Kaido down!!
You guys should stop wanking Marco.

Hybrid Marco only sent base King flying ! He couldn't make Queen move a muscle back even!!!!

Marco only made Queen bleed coz his beam was exploded inside his neck.

Let Marco blow or put Queen out of Zoan form first
While g3 did that to Kaido
"Perospero didn't won that fight fair and square because Carrot and Wanda went back to their base form."

This is a fight against a ruthless pirate, there is no fair and square. If Perospero sees that both of the minks went back to their base form and he has the upper hand, he will use that opportunity when fighting against the two minks.
Either way oda will never stop offscreening and keep the fans confused LOL
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