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"Perospero didn't won that fight fair and square because Carrot and Wanda went back to their base form."

This is a fight against a ruthless pirate, there is no fair and square. If Perospero sees that both of the minks went back to their base form and he has the upper hand, he will use that opportunity when fighting against the two minks.
Are they seriously talking about fair? It’s literally 2v1, but Perospero is on the one who isn’t fair
Dude Yamato casually deal with current G2/G3(at best calamity lvl) and Pageone no sell G3, Marco beating two far stronger opponents as Pageone, stop this nonsense...

Marco stomps Doffy and his fodder crew.
Yamato said Luffy was holding back.
Red Roc G3 is >calamity level in AP, and G2+FS is faster than anyone not named Katakuri at YC level.

Page one was temporarily knocked out by a base G3 attack and had his jaw (his most important feature as a bite based dinosaur) temporarily compromised by a casual attack.
Marco is bloodied, exhausted and nearing his regen limit.
King didnt break a sweat. Put 2 and 2 together. :myman:
Im not saying King was looking trash, dude was a beast on his own and he is in fact a durability monster(same for Queen).
In that case all three put a great fight,not the same as what Law did with Fujitora(who could stomp Law alone pls) and Doffy.
Also Queen looking more hurt then Marco, he never said his regen is at limit. If Oda need Perospero to end the fight fast it tells your King and Queen where far left to defeat Marco yet.
IDK why this is even given as a choice. Jack about to kill scabbards vs momonosuke spotteD.
scabbards are strong. jack mentioned that even half dead, they are formidable. momo is the main target of the beast pirates, killing him means they cripple the whole samurai army. so it stands to reason that someone will soon prioritize momo. sanji is going towards momo and its obviously going to end up being the right call.


nibbas forgeting that craker soldiers are totally legit and luffy won just because he had water nearby and he can eat a lot.
There guys read 2 pieces

No commander in wano has shown g4 tier AP even
Or g3++ AP except zoan Queen named attack maybe.

Cracker would stall and beat Marco if they fight for hours
Marco regen runs ot max 3hrs..Cracker can spam clones even while nerged for 11hrs
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