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Well it has to be a right call since oda is using the plot like that. But its stupid too from writing point of view. We are readers so we can conclude that, becasue we have that info. What the people there know about it is that Scabbards are done for and will get killed soon. Moreover momonosuke has shinobu and Yamato with fodders following them not a calamity.
sanji knows momo is with shinobu and knows how much they want to kill him. he knows jack about yamato. sanji also knows and respects the scabbards. him trusting them to take care of themselves is totally reasonable. just think of their line up.inu neko ashura, denjiro, kawamatsu, izo, kinemon etc. these 9 against 1 jack? even as fucked up as they are, they can take care of it. he clearly suspects that momo will be in great danger soon. hence the dilemma of him having at least a semi hard time making up his mind. just sanji thinking logically :usosmug:
Anyone would struggle in a 1v2 against calamaties in base form . But hes still doing good doing damage and holding up. You think if he gets a 1v1 he wont beat king? He would
marco was in his hybrid form... unless u think he'll become a work of art with that bird zoan he has.. which isn't the case... bird zoans get less perks in hybrid.. than a mammal zoans in hybrid... for eg... queen turning hybrid would be him stacking his DF durability and features on his part human form.. which will also increase his mobility... unlike marco who is already in hybrid... but only can grow talons and wings on his main body.. so there is nothing primary to stack upon human form (like durability and jawlines ;)) when it comes to bird zoans.. btw this goes for King as well


Marco isn't even in the arc for long, yet he is already the MVP of the alliance

- Already reduced the Kaido / Big Mom alliance in half by sending BM pirates away(except BM and Perospero)
- Momentarily stopped the flow of Queen's virus through the alliance the time for Chopper to find the cure
- Helped Zoro to go through King and Queen and help in the battle against 2 yonkos
- Fought the 2 strongest calamities on his own, weakening them in the process, with Perospero coming on the way

How did he weaken Them?
Queen is up shortly after marci attacks like nothing happened (tho damaged a bit)
King isn't even bleeding or hurt like Queen

He isnt MVP
He has done his supportive role great tho
Oda doesn’t give a fuck about Carrot. Sanji and Perospero is such a good fight and you guys are dismissing it as trash for what? The arrogance a majority of you Sanji fans is appalling. Acting like 1005 doesn’t exist. And his sorry bitch ass wasn’t crying like a pathetic husk of wheat for Robin to save him. Why is this loser even in the crew
Only pathetic is you forcing a fight like that when easy fight for him due to flames. Also lol Sanji doesn't hit women, so idea your using that as to berate him is as stupid as saying Zoro is weakass pathetic husk when he is swordless and can't beat anyone notable without weapons especially he has no solo victories in this arc and can't even beat Apoo in 2 vs 1 fight who is back on his feet and danger to Chopper because he didn't try to finish him.

Hypocrisy on a fictional character with you guys when you know about character traits. Sanji vs King or Queen is looking to be more that. Learn idea of a character, not thinking about dumb stuff like that xD.
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