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even if king is over queen. it doesn't mean by much, and it doesn'T mean in every way. it could easily be matchup dependent and queen could trump king in things like raw power and durability. this is why its dumb as fuck to think sanji vs king is some crazy notion, even tho it looks like a better matchup for sanji, but queen vs sanji be ok, even tho it might be a worse matchup for him.
In raw strength Queen > King. In technique King > Queen in battle ability Queen = King
I'm laughing at anyone who STILL puts King over Marco cause Marco has limits on his ability Lol

The dude only got exhausted from fighting two people at almost similar strength...
Not one!

And the dude is in full control still of the fight haha!

Like, they cannot even get the jump on him Lmao!

Though will say they haven't use Hybrid Form or Awakening, so Idk if you should count them out on Macro who is trying bit more on his side.


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If marco cant beat king then nobody on floor level can. How is marco going to die when there is 0 indication who will? And if he does who will defeat king? Hes the strongest outside the roof 5
You are right, nobody on the live floor can beat King.
Marco is the last person one would expect to die because he has a fruit that recovers him from almost anything.
That's the first indication, imo, Oda does the unexpected.
Marco could weaken King enough for others to beat him if they gang up or if they are fresh but I think King will come up on the dome.
Zoro will off him because King will go after Luffy who is lying on the floor and it's not easy to protect him while 4vs3.


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Bruh i still remember that before SH arrived at onigashima some people say that Hotei v Zoro . I laugh at this before. But right now iam Laughing hard :milaugh:
I dont blame people for putting a little faith in some of the Wano folks.
Aside from the Scabbards and Hyogor, Wano warriors all suck haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard.
What a freaking joke of a country.


I even made a thread months ago there i was saying that those levels are just made up by fans. There was never an introduction to those "YC levels" in the manga. They are Yonkou Commanders, that's it. There are no numbers to it. Of course a YC can defeat another, Katakuri was said to be the strongest Sweet Commander, so he is > the other sweet commanders. But that doesn't mean that the strongest YC from BM, BB, WB, Shanks, Kaidou are all on the same exact level. Like we see currently with Marco, it's not the case.
I told these guys lots of times
Unless Oda groups or parallel doesn't mean they re equal
Yasso rivals Vista
Marco is paralled with King.. (this chapter won't change tha much )
King is paired with Queen
Marco paired with Jozu
Pero rivals Marco

YCs dont have a clear Level as with SNs
It is a group made up of character with different tiers

This i why i say as manga shows :
1. CoC
2. Top tier haki
3. Awakening/AP/Skills

Should be the factors!
Oda uss CoC to separate people, top tier haki too, Ap or skills.
The tragedy is Hyogoro dying, damn you Oda damn you! Why kill off such a perfect character!:pepecry:

Seriously though who cares if Hyogoro dies, he's cool but imo that is a lame tragedy.:pepecafe:
Oda doesn't like killing off significant characters. Just like Yasu, Hyogoro is in that middle ground where he's not fodder while not being a main hero and doesn't need to stay alive for the plot.
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