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You are right, nobody on the live floor can beat King.
Marco is the last person one would expect to die because he has a fruit that recovers him from almost anything.
That's the first indication, imo, Oda does the unexpected.
Marco could weaken King enough for others to beat him if they gang up or if they are fresh but I think King will come up on the dome.
Zoro will off him because King will go after Luffy who is lying on the floor and it's not easy to protect him while 4vs3.
Marco is white beards right hand man. He can beat king and he wont let any get past him. Marco will hold anyone from going up.
Kaido dont have to want anything when the help comes, zoro Will be the last stading and Will take the other tô a safe place while the help hold kaido until the others are recovered. But king Will come and try to kill them and zoro Will protect them. Than starts the fight.
You think zoro will fight both kaido big mom and king while protecting and carrying 4 people? Stop.
I am a zoro wanker but even i dont slightly believe that. @Chrono help please
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