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Marco is about speed(speedblitz both King and Queen this chapter, alone with that he dominate them), crazy stamina/endurance via df, op kicks, fireballs with shockwave. I think he use Ryu for his kick/Fireball, I can see Sanji doing such stuff later in the story too.
I think Sanji be mixture of Macro and Rayleigh combination on how far he can go since Strawhats will surpass both Whitebeard Pirates and Roger Pirates in general, so a lot to see especially he could potential live in rough environment afterwards in All Blue from what SBS hinted heavily on.
Marco: "Pheonix Claw"

???: Argh!!!

Marco: huff...huff

Marco: Raccon, hurry up...

Marco: As one who'd expect, it's pretty difficult to hold back 2 people that have bounties exceeding 1 billion berries

Queen: Cunt!!

King: ....!!

Perospero: Huh?

Perosperos: Well I'll be damned! isn't that Marco over there...!!

Perospero: Kukuku...he looks pretty knackered
Save Perospero gonna attack Marco soon.
Nah, Hyou dying only is not enough to call it tragedy, It's not like he isn't a likeable character but it's not enough. Showing people dying from a island falling into them is what i would call a tragedy. And of course showing the loses in our side after that would be a lot better.

Kaidou falling already? I doubt that, first of all we don't have all the matches yet(Sanji is the example to this), we don't know anything about Fukurokuju, Hawkins, Sanji's match, the person who we suppose could be Hiyori, Yamato and Kaidou's backstory, the person who was talking with Marco in Nekomamushi's ship, etc. And Onigashima is moving at a high speed and is already near the flower capital but you think that the last boss of this arc will fall already? How?

If Oda didn't plan Onigashima to fall into the flower capital then he wouldn't show us Mt Fuji this soon because it wasn't even necessary. It's impossible to defeat Kaidou in just a few chapters.
Oda doesn’t care about fans overhyped expectations of what a meaningful tragedy is. I’m talking about inverse time. In our time obviously the arc is going to stretch to the rest of the year in the number of chapters.

Kaido is falling by the time ‘dawn’ arrives.


Marco is his limits
Even Perospero notices it

Oda keeps zoans to hype others

Marco vs hybrid Queen is high high diff for Marco if he can even beat him in time
Marco vs Hybrid King is extreme diff

King isn't even hurt.
Queen is just hurt but not exhausted

It was good...
Time to eat the dust
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