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Marco: Houou In! (Phoenix Brand!)
Queen: Guoooo!!
Queen: Gefu...!!
Queen: It hurts, damnit! A shock wave huh...!!
Marco: Aren't you fighting me?
Queen: Marcoo!!!
Marco: If you want to touch those samurais you'll have to take my head first!!!
So I really assume Marco use Ryu in his attack in his flame to created a shockwave based attack.
And also this confirmed that Queen was all long fighting Marco and only now try to attack the Samurai.
It was all over 2vs1 again.
Kaido is Luffy's opponent. Zoro doesnt trust Luffy to beat him. Yet Luffy trusted Zoro against Mihawk....

These are all facts. Wimper more.
No, thats not facts. A fact would be:

Zoro fought Mihawk alone.
Luffy is fighting Kaido together with 4 others, including Zoro.

These are the facts.

Your interpretation and headcanon here is:
(1) "Luffys opponent" , (2) "Zoro doesnt trust Luffy to beat him", (3) "Luffy trustet Zoro against Mihawk".

1.: Kaido is the opponent of the 5SNs. Not Luffys alone. It was never stated he would fight Kaido alone. Kid, Law, Zoro and Killer arent there for nothing.

2.: Zoro never said that or thought that. But he wanted to go against Kaido too. Or does helping always considers a lack of trust? Does Big Mum honestly think at the beginning of the fight Kaido would lose there without here? Doubt.

3.: Nobody trustet Zoro there, not even zoro himself. All knew he couldnt take the enemy at that point. But it was a gesture of respect. It wasnt a fight with the intention of winning to beginn with.

- Marco is a fucking badass, even if I don't understand how his powers work, completely awesome. Perospero about to make things a misery
- Clearly Marco is ONLY holding them off. It was never his intention to defeat either of them, the dialogue is clear
- King is a swordsman lmao. Gee I wonder what happens if Perospero alleviates Marco from that battle. Where do King and Queen go I wonder:p
- My man Hyou is awfully close to Drake with that virus
- Yamato is 100% heading into the mansion entrance already. Oda did it in a chapter, you can see steps.
- I think Sanji will run to Momo and her at the entrance, Yamato heads on to fight Jack and protect the scabbards/Momo after Sanji realizes she's capable
- Sanji goes out to at least fight King or Queen. King is a Swordsman tho;)

Telling you these matchups are going to be as clean as you'd expect them to be.


Anyone thinking Marco beats King 1v1 is wrong

Sorry, if you fight people who aren't using named attacks or haki, and you're at your limits in mere 40 mins
You can't 1v1.

The chapter dehype Admirals
Base/zoan.King did what Admirals couldn't do in that war
King hurt and pushed Marco to his limits


- Minks went all out> they defeated Jack LOL and nearly killed him if Kaido didn't stop them. It even took Jack some time to get back up again. (Get your facts straight)

- Retainers went all out> Lost as a hype tool for Kaido. They also weren't supposed to win. They were supposed to be replaced by Luffy, Zoro, and the others. (Get your facts straight)

- Marco went all out> You call that going all out??? How pathetic LOL. We didn't see shit from Marco. We didn't even see his hybrid form LOL. (Get your facts straight)

Do you think Oda gonna dedicate 100+50/200 chapters for a "failed attempt"??? Yeah, keep dreaming man LOL.
Dukes beat weakened Jack not Minks

:whitepress:Marco used 3 named attacks, is exhausted in his hybrid
You "he didn't go all out"
Even Perospero laughs at him being done
Uh? There's isn much to do against Marco until he has his regen. You simply need to keep attacking him to force him to exhaust his ability. So King's attack was ok.
this has much to do with hiw much queen and king know about marco's abilities. remember there are already landing hits on him.. on his body.. so that just goes to say that wings can be regenerated instantly... unlike marco's body that isn't transformed that is wounded atm...soo if king knew that he wouldn't pull such a naive move... and if what us say is true then logically king and queen have been dominating the fight to the point where marco has regen issues.
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