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Sanji: They are after Momo and Shinobu-chan!!
Sanji: Who is Young Master Yamato!?

Sanji doesn't know how strong is Yamato and he knows that momo is more important than the red scabbard, my guess is he's gonna choose momo. :goyea:

Let's not forget aswell that king insisted a lot in taking down momo as he's the most important man to kill. King might even try to kill momo himself at some point.
We got almost an entire chapter of Marco vs King.
Previous chapters: Marco vs King.

Sanjitards :usoprice:: SaNJi WiLl FigHT KiNg.

These people are worse than Sanjitards in Orojackson.
this has much to do with hiw much queen and king know about marco's abilities. remember there are already landing hits on him.. on his body.. so that just goes to say that wings can be regenerated instantly... unlike marco's body that isn't transformed that is wounded atm...soo if king knew that he wouldn't pull such a naive move... and if what us say is true then logically king and queen have been dominating the fight to the point where marco has regen issues.
Uh? I don't understand what you're saying. His main body is OK for now, a bit of blood here and there is irrelevant. Chopping off his wing is like chopping off his arm, he forces him to regenerate, so as i said the attack was fine.
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