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It is actually surprising Marco is getting that much exhausted just fighting King and Queen compared to how little fatigued he was all throughout Marineford.

Sanji is obviously going to rescue Momo and will yamato and probably simp over her. Sanji will be the 3rd strawhat Yamato meets after Luffy and Franky. Strawhat material?

Perospero is also obviously going to attack Marco,he wants to show the youngsters of the pirate alliance the power of the Yonkou crews which Marco is no more part of.

Hyogoro is not going to die,I'm betting Chopper is going to stop the execution just at the right time and then Starr distributing the antidote. Next chapter may really have something chopper related in the title.

I think the next 3 chaptres are the last ones before we go back to the rooftop.


The feats aint even that good. Theyre not even in Hybrid....

Exactly and that doesn't impress me:
look at Queen, how she looked after MARCOS 'attack:
He immediately maintained his posture and attacked MARCO.
King cut off a member of MARCO quickly, Marco attacked KING, but if you notice this attack only served to send him to the ground, causing 0 damage, if MARCO caused any damage to KING it was thanks to his second physical attack, and it was not Big Deal.

KING is fine and unharmed after MARCO's attack, KING has just lost his posture, in which MARCO takes the opportunity to really try to hurt him, he manages to get a few drops of blood from BASE KING, that's all.
MARCO attempts a physical attack because his flames are useless against KING.
Its flames were used only to make KING lose his posture and fall.
And even with physical attack, there is little damage that MARCO does to the king.

MARCO once again takes the opportunity to attack QUEEN, and despite having hit directly, queen without covering herself with HAKI, or something like that, the queen does very well with superficial scratches, MARCO had no AP to cause / execute, a deadly blow.
KING and QUEEN are fine.
We can see QUEEN even in anger, and finding it stressful, while they are underestimating, MARCO in its basic form.
They are small damages, even received in their human forms they are really shallow and weak attacks.
While KING cuts off the members of MARCOS and tires him physically, in his ZOAN + Base form, without the need for a hybrid, Queen was in her complete ZOAN form without doing exactly anything against MARCO, which means that KING physically tired MARCO, and left him bloody.
Thats not what I am talking about, he immediately went to save kinemon, moreover it was even setup that way so that sanji could get that ingo and not try to decide what he needs to do. And now its being presented as a choice because he suddenly remembered that momo is in danger...when it is a known fact since King said so. Right now no one is going to save scabbards and no knows about it except him. So it is just very lame way to write the story. Either he just goes straight to momo he moment he was free or he informs about scabbards being in danger and then goes to save momo, if he is the priority for him right now. That should be the normal way of thinking given the information he has.
I understand your point but bao huang just said the location of momo to everyone in onigashima so of course sanji will hesitate no?
-Literally sparred him + his entire fleet
-Admitted he regrets making himself BLIND just because he wants to see LUFFY's FACE
Lol imagine denying he's a FANBOY.
and yet while they were fighting he said he have to fight sutiable to his title

you want to claim "Fujitora was holding back?" fine ... I hail that
but saying "he never tried to take thigs more seriously" ... nope
marco was in his hybrid form... unless u think he'll become a work of art with that bird zoan he has.. which isn't the case... bird zoans get less perks in hybrid.. than a mammal zoans in hybrid... for eg... queen turning hybrid would be him stacking his DF durability and features on his part human form.. which will also increase his mobility... unlike marco who is already in hybrid... but only can grow talons and wings on his main body.. so there is nothing primary to stack upon human form (like durability and jawlines ;)) when it comes to bird zoans.. btw this goes for King as well
I dunno, mate. Pell in hybrid looks like he's on roids. I highly doubt that you are right with this one.
Marco might be a special case for design choices or whatever, but that's not a reliable rule, if the first "bird"-Zoan already broke that rule.

And honestly, who knows what's still to come with Marco. 100% sure though, that King will be massive in hybrid.
Uh? I don't understand what you're saying. His main body is OK for now, a bit of blood here and there is irrelevant. Chopping off his wing is like chopping off his arm, he forces him to regenerate, so as i said the attack was fine.
a bit of blood is the proof that his main body gets damaged.. if it didn't he'd regen as fast as the wings do .. and king caught him off guard and if king knew that marco will just regen the wings.. he wouldn't logically.. and rather attack the main body... its just that his intention of attacking the wing knowing that it regens.. at the cost of a heavy blow is... out of question

Stop posting in the thread that's meant for spoilers only.

Queen is asserting that Marco is using his fire as a showckwave.

The Shock wave hitting his neck while the beam is charging causes it to blow up before he can launch it.

That's why smoke comes out of his mouth and we see his burnt tongue.

It's the same deal as with the Pacifista.

Headcanon is to ignore the charging laser and assume it just disappeared into nothingness, and postulate that a shockwave launching from the side of Queen's neck took a 90 degree turn and traveled upwards inside his mouth, also somehow causing smoke to come out.


He use sonic based attacks, Marco use his flame with not make much sense, it should burn Queen and not attack him with a shockwave.
His flames do not burn
If Marco has ryuo... and this is all he can do? Even in hybrid form.and named attacks?

Queen tanked his 2 attacks ...with only bruises on his body.
the first one didn't move zoan Queen back,
the second one, base Queen tanked and got up quickly

G3 sent Base kaido on the floor...bleeding
Base kadio>>> base Queen
Kaido hyped Luffy
G3 sent dragon kaido down ...dragon kaido >> zoan Queen in size and power

Which proves again that Marco has g3 AP at best! With ryuo or not.
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