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Symbol of Despair
If Sanji goes after Momo, who will save the scabbards ? Im acc starting to think Hiyori heals them up to the point they can acc give jack a fight. Until Yamato comes of course.
this chapter really comes to show that king & queen weren't even focusing on marco.
king literally running onogashima giving orders an distributing tasks:myman:, and queen is busy watching the battlefield bellow taking sheap shots at unsuspecting samurai.:queenmoji: if he's not able of taking them down when they're at 50% focus, rest assured his loosing to them after he won their full attention with his surprise attacks.:king:
The dialogue even proves that Marco is holding them back only, yeah. Even Queen is trying to stop chopper. Got a feeling the process may go like this (just a guess guys don't flame)

- Yamato ran to the mansion entrance, the secret room is in the back of the mansion.
- Sanji decides to help Momo, runs into Yamato, ensue gag.
- Sanji tells Yamato about the scabbards about to be killed by Jack. She goes that way. Sanji sees the chaos on the performance floor, he goes that way.
- Perospero fucks shit up, releasing King and Queen to wreck havoc elsewhere because Marco gets hit bad
- Queen continues to go after Apoo, Drake, and Chopper. Not sure what will happen to Hyougoro but I can see Sanji interfering hitting Queen.
- I STILL have a feeling Drake will get infected so it forces Chopper to have a F6 fight. Headcanon are meant to be broken lol
- King flies up to the roof because his job was to PREVENT anyone from going to the roof. I won't say the words though, cause it seems like this forum already is arguing about enough.

THE MATCHUPS WILL BE CLEAN :finally::finally::finally:
When Akainu blew up half of WB's face and burned his organs
When Borsalino pierced 2 holes into Marco's chest and made him cough blood
When Marco got blown away by Sakazuki, got his cheek immediatly burnt and couldn't stop Akainu from destroying Curiel despite fighting 16 VS 1

Any admiral low diffs Ling+Leen put together
WB was fine even after Akainu got 2 shot by him.
Kizaru needed Onigumo help, distraction and Seastone. 1 vs 1 Marco kicked Kizaru and Aokiji's ass bad.
When did Marco get blown away. Please don't bring Anime filler. Because then Akainu pissed his pants and only burn WB moustache and Oden tanked Prime Beard way better than Akainu tanked Death beard.
16 people did not fight Akainu. Only Curiel did and was fine after.
Also King > Akainu because
Marco isn't WB's VC.
Oden > Beckman.
Oden wasn't Vice Captain either ... he was 2nd YC of crew ...

again ... what's the LOGIC here ... I'm not debating , I'm asking

if underlings are above underling it prove Captain > Captain?

proving Roger | Prime Beard > Yonko don't even need that ... it's already a fact ... but if you truly belive this

you should agree to Shanks > Kaido as well ... do you?


Queen is bleeding and get hurt from inside, seems like Queen and King have insane endurance/durability because that it didn´t knock them out.
But King didn't bleed or seem hurt
Queen bled also due to the beam exploding in his neck.

King is fine, Queen is okay except few bruises
Marco damaged... after just bullets? Beams!

Cmon, how can I believe Marco can beat Doffy if he cant tank bullets or beams without being done?
:josad:when you do your best
Use your trump cards but still don't even end up KOing one or fatally wounding one

Both are fine...Marco is damaged and almost finished

People still gonna hype him...

Hybrid Marco can't even fatally wound base Queen or base king nor leave a lasting damage
he's dealing with 2 pain in the asses obviously and from Perespero's intention it looks down right gloomy for marco


Tired and damaged after fighting Base King and zoan Queen then sneak attacked Queen (who went after hyogoro) somehow this means he is stronger than them :milaugh: the dude literally admitted that they are too much and Queen was clean before the sneak attack lol Queen wasn't even fighting in base
He has no AP, he shot ZOAN QUEEN, and QUEEN recovered and attacked him again in a matter of seconds, Marco hit HUMAN QUEEN again, and only made superficial scratches, nothing you need to worry about ...

His flames were ineffective against the KING who just sent him flying and knocked the king down, causing him to lose his stance, the MARCO to try to do some damage had to attack him physically and it was a superficial damage to a KING without posture.
It attacks HUMANO KING and HUMANO KING, and causes minor damage, even in their human forms.
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