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Oda is starting to piss me off with his inconsistency regarding endurance. How are people going from fighting for days to getting tired after coupla hours? Shit makes no sense.
You Just assuming that, was NEVER Said that the fights that keep going for days have the same intensity as the start of it.

The fight can have days and the fighthers will get very tired in diverse moments, but the fight still go on even If they have less stamina then before.
But King didn't bleed or seem hurt
Queen bled also due to the beam exploding in his neck.

King is fine, Queen is okay except few bruises
Marco damaged... after just bullets? Beams!

Cmon, how can I believe Marco can beat Doffy if he cant tank bullets or beams without being done?
If you look at the last panel then King is bleeding a bit from the mouth/head. But that's really nothing.
Give us the fucking match ups and then the roof
It's happening, albeit slowly:

- Perospero is about alleviate Marco from fighting King/Queen, or at least that seems to be the intention

- Queen WANTS to kill Chopper, Drake and Apoo evidenced by this chapter. Marco not being able to stop him will trigger that event.

- Yamato is heading to the mansion it seems. If she encounters Sanji, Sanji can tell her about the scabbards. Jack vs Yamato can happen now.

- Sanji will potentially see Chopper is in danger. Apoo gets taken out maybe. Sanji vs Queen ensues.

- I personally have a feeling Drake is getting infected, setting up a potential matchup for Chopper

- Finally, I will hold off guessing what happens to King until we truly know what is going on with the roof battle. Looks like that's (temporarily) ending soon since Onigashima is about to land on Wano.
Im happy my ramblings werent for nothing

Sanji's plotline of getting Momo outta Onigashma is beginning soon

Once Yamato hands over Momo to Sanji. She can have her moment pretending to be Oden with the Scabbards...and save them from Jack.

Then King chases after Momo and Sanji within the sky, Sanji gives confidence to Momo to transform into Dragon form and fly to somewhere in Wano. Whilst Sanji holds off King. Then Sanji vs King in the sky within the moonlight

It will happen:steef:
Who you think beats Queen? Drake and Chopper/Hawkins
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