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The one who fought Kizaru and marines then Akainu is tired and damaged because of base King and zoan Queen :josad: Admirals = yonko :josad:
And having his limbs cut by KING, and QUEEN didn't even get too involved, he was worried about the ground, it was all 1x1 between MARCO vs ZOAN and King Base, WHILE the king was perfectly fine, along with QUEEN, who was on the ground , the KING tired MARCO and left unharmed, until in this chapter MARCOS obviously / managed to cause superficial damage to both of them who had already tired MARCO and were unharmed.:josad::josad:


Yes, we know. Losing is a W for Marco according to his fans, that's why he only collects losses. Oda wants them happy lol.
:milaugh:Marco is the only commander hyped for losing badly :
Trolled by kizaru and caught easily VA
Destroyed by Teach
Choked by Linlin
Already done vs Queen and King who aren't even using named moves or haki.

This chapter kills " Marco can fight hours or days so he will beat X"
Nah...the only reason he fought long vs Roger pirates is because Marco and tesch fought shanks and buggy
Even then they took breaks inbetween

MF showed that Marco can't last more than 3hrs
Onigahsima proves that he cant last more than 1hr lol

People downplayed Doffy or katakuri endurance
At least they were exhausted from mif/low tier bullets or beams lol
Doff was nerfed by gk and took g4 attacks , still fought gladiators and another round vs luffu later
Katakuri stabbed himself, still fought 3hrs with blood loss.

:milaugh:mythical Marco with the best recovery df...cant last long...cant tank bullets and beams
The dialogue even proves that Marco is holding them back only, yeah. Even Queen is trying to stop chopper. Got a feeling the process may go like this (just a guess guys don't flame)

- Yamato ran to the mansion entrance, the secret room is in the back of the mansion.
- Sanji decides to help Momo, runs into Yamato, ensue gag.
- Sanji tells Yamato about the scabbards about to be killed by Jack. She goes that way. Sanji sees the chaos on the performance floor, he goes that way.
- Perospero fucks shit up, releasing King and Queen to wreck havoc elsewhere because Marco gets hit bad
- Queen continues to go after Apoo, Drake, and Chopper. Not sure what will happen to Hyougoro but I can see Sanji interfering hitting Queen.
- I STILL have a feeling Drake will get infected so it forces Chopper to have a F6 fight. Headcanon are meant to be broken lol
- King flies up to the roof because his job was to PREVENT anyone from going to the roof. I won't say the words though, cause it seems like this forum already is arguing about enough.

THE MATCHUPS WILL BE CLEAN :finally::finally::finally:
i gess it all depends on king.
if he got free to do whatever he wants, i'm 100% sure he can flip the tables upside down due to his management skills. it seems like everybody here forgot that the battle started as a surprise attack. king didn't have time to do anything. all 25000 remaining beast pirate are all scattered all over onigashima at disarray. just imagine king takes the lead organizing those numbers, the alliance wouldn't stand a chance.
marco is literally doing god's work holding king back.
Lool you do not learn do you. All this set up between Sanji going after Momo and the RS. But Chopper is the reason he fights someone:suresure:
You clearly didn't read my post. Yamato is ALREADY at the mansion. Shes not at the battlefield where King and Queen are. They need to encounter each other because someone needs to go save the scabbards from Jack, hence why Oda is likely doing that.

And yes, Queen IS going after Chopper and DOES have a connection to Sanji so make the most sense Sanji stops Queen from interfering with Chopper.

And also elucidated again by this chapter, King is a swordsman lmao
but at very least this chapter prove people like King and Queen can give a really good fight to an admiral as well
they can put up a match.. but the problem is just like marco's DF was a problem to admirals the same can't be said for King and queen.. by that i mean the admiral's DF would be more effective against king and queen than compared to marco... but here's the catch.. their durability will do the job.. queen and king took some hefty hits and their still haven't done any major attacks... but were able to push marco who was basically having toe to toe combat with admirals.. tho granted he's being ganged up, but still admirals didn't do any better to marco than they are doing... plus the admirals will have to evade alot unlike marco who isn't even logia.. just pure flames ;).. so that means king and queen will be able to land more blows..

What I'm trying to get at is that yess.. King and queen should be able to fight toe to toe with an admiral..
Are you implying either are full power base g3 attacks (when Yamato said he was holding back)?
Let alone ryuo infused attacks, gattling variations?
They aren't even full sized...
I'm using manga to show that Luffy's G3 attack couldn't send P1, the weakest F6, flying to prove Marco's attacks are stronger.

The same Marco who have sent admirals flying with his attack and had even clash with Big Mom.


He bleed inside, the canon who Queen use is not damaged with means the beam didn´t exploding inside, so where Queen get damaged inside then? He said it Marco attack him with a Shockwave, it was most like advanced CoA.
If King bled inside why not show it like Queen?

No beam exploded...we see smoke from Queen's mouth.
Which means Marco's kick is like showcase or he is using ryuo as you implying

If he has ryuo... even G3 (without ryuo) seems more impressive than Marco's hybrid named attacks in AP. Base Queen/King would be bleeding and bandaged if a retainer sliced him
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