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How long do you guys think Marco shall still match up King and Queen? Do you think Marco will actually unleash his Hybrid mode? I don't think that one constitutes it.
Im happy my ramblings werent for nothing

Sanji's plotline of getting Momo outta Onigashma is beginning soon

Once Yamato hands over Momo to Sanji. She can have her moment pretending to be Oden with the Scabbards...and save them from Jack.

Then King chases after Momo and Sanji within the sky, Sanji gives confidence to Momo to transform into Dragon form and fly to somewhere in Wano. Whilst Sanji holds off King. Then Sanji vs King in the sky within the moonlight

It will happen:steef:
"within in the moonlight" :steef:
And having his limbs cut by KING, and QUEEN didn't even get too involved, he was worried about the ground, it was all 1x1 between MARCO vs ZOAN and King Base, WHILE the king was perfectly fine, along with QUEEN, who was on the ground , the KING tired MARCO and left unharmed, until in this chapter MARCOS obviously / managed to cause superficial damage to both of them who had already tired MARCO and were unharmed.:josad::josad:
Imagine Queen in hybrid form :steef: shots a beam and uses 2 swords + plague
The fact that Marco has visible damage that does not heal on him is way more of a big deal than King or Queen showing similar scuffed marks/blood.

Marco was propped by the healing factor taking care of all the damage done to him so far, while all he could do to them ammounts to that.

Naturally this was unfair towars Marco from the get go, given the 2 vs 1 fight.
You clearly didn't read my post. Yamato is ALREADY at the mansion. Shes not at the battlefield where King and Queen are. They need to encounter each other because someone needs to go save the scabbards from Jack, hence why Oda is likely doing that.

And yes, Queen IS going after Chopper and DOES have a connection to Sanji so make the most sense Sanji stops Queen from interfering with Chopper.

And also elucidated again by this chapter, King is a swordsman lmao
Sanji is getting a hold of Momo and needs to protect him. His role isnt protecting Chopper's weak ass. Chopper is already getting protected.

How many blade users has Sanji fought at this point. Being a swordsman is a shitty reason.
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