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Do guys think that we will get a king face reveal or that Will never be a thing?

WsW we will see his face 100%. Ulti we maybe see her without that covid mask, same as P1. But king is a full mask...i would like that to be a plot.
The fuck? Beckman with a higher bounty than BLACKBEARD who's a Yonko?
BB has a lower bounty in compare to the other Yonkous.
Douglas Bullet had most like something about 3B(Oda didn´t want to show it since it would show how high top tiers having bounty).
I assume BB next bounty will skyrise, so I think his current bounty is just the one step, as compare Luffy the "5th Emperor" has only 200mio more then Queen. And Shanks crew where the only one who get hyped very much right next to the Yonkou crew. I can´t see BenBeckman having something under 2B.
Well, this chapter rules out Marco defeating King in 1v1, so we still need someone to do that. I think it will be Zoro.
I think people will be in for a rude awakening when Oda decides to stick to the classic shonen formula (that he has used for 2 decades now) of Luffy fighting the #1, Zoro fighting the #2 and Sanjo fighting the #3.

It may not logically look likelit at the moment, but the puzzle pieces are aligning. They are about to lose on the rooftop, the battle will shift once Onigashima lands, and things will change.

King vs Zoro
Queen vs Sanji
Jack vs Yamato

Honestly counting on it at this point. At least if it doesn't happen, the matchups for Sanji/Zoro would actually have be better than these (i.e. King and Kaido) so I could care less if I was actually wrong lol.


I'm guessing Cracker got it cause he is much more of a front line than Katakuri ...

BMP are stay at home type of pirates

and 99% of people who fought them faced at most Cracker
Katakuri doesn't stay at Tottoland much
Same with Smoothie
It been years since noth were at the same place as BM said.

While Cracker is equally the one at the defensive line to protect tottoland

I cant think of any epithet for Katakuri
Katakuri is enough.

People called Roger just " Roger"
It became Gold Roger onley after he became PK
reminder he had another commander next to him
and is still looking worse.
Not looking worse.
It's just that the scene where Marco got those bruises (calamities landing hits) were offpanelled, while the scene when Marco landing hits are on panel.

King hasn't used hybrid, bleeding a bit
Marco has used his hybrid, looks damaged more despite his regen power, and exhausted
The ODA plan:
Making hybrid kaido restrain himself until he arrives in the capital, if HIBRIDO kaido doesn't hold back he can destroy this island even before he reaches the capital, ODA is accelerating the arrival of KAIDO in the capital, for him to do another insane feat ...



907 was legendary
957 was legendary
1007 will be legendary
he couldn't even fly luffy without his sibling pulling up to help him. lol
You stupid or something? Ofc he was flying with luffy, even before the Germa arrived. Sanji was sky walking with a huge ass cake effortlessly which is obviously many many times heavier than luffy. Just shows how nerft Sanji was in cacao island.
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