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I think people will be in for a rude awakening when Oda decides to stick to the classic shonen formula (that he has used for 2 decades now) of Luffy fighting the #1, Zoro fighting the #2 and Sanjo fighting the #3.

It may not logically look likelit at the moment, but the puzzle pieces are aligning. They are about to lose on the rooftop, the battle will shift once Onigashima lands, and things will change.

King vs Zoro
Queen vs Sanji
Jack vs Yamato

Honestly counting on it at this point. At least if it doesn't happen, the matchups for Sanji/Zoro would actually have be better than these (i.e. King and Kaido) so I could care less if I was actually wrong lol.
please, 1080 can one shotting king, queen and jack
Katakuri doesn't stay at Tottoland much
Same with Smoothie
It been years since noth were at the same place as BM said.

While Cracker is equally the one at the defensive line to protect tottoland

I cant think of any epithet for Katakuri
Katakuri is enough.

People called Roger just " Roger"
It became Gold Roger onley after he became PK
but tbh we don't know much about Roger as well

but anyway ... I think it's unfair that Oda didn't give Kata one
i just realized drake is near Queen, I guess now we know who Drake is gonna fight.
Tbh, not convinced. The color spread has Drake on it as if he's still an "enemy". He's central to a plotline involving a virus that forces you to fight your companions. Chopper is also only non-monster trio strawhat not near a F6 member, UNLESS you count Drake.

I think Sanji vs Queen is where it's at because Sanji and Queen still need to have dialogue about Judge. If Sanji leaves the mansion entrance (possible now because he has to make a choice), he may go there to do it.

Just my two cents on it for now


He is FM from WB team
Because beast pirates are savages ...look at how they got plagues, torture people and destroy lands...
Jack is 28... anyway NW pirate yet has 1B

I believe Kaido has highest wanted Commanders under him among Rocks trio
Im not counting Shanks crew
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