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The question is :
How the hell did Marco get to be more damaged and exhausted in 40 min of a fight
Than MF where he was even put at seasoned...was flying left and right fighting admirals

This is why battles that last days/hours means you are venely matched or not going all out
Next chapter will decide if the act ends or not. If it doesn't, we will have another 10 chapters. Last 3 chapters ended with cliffhangers/tease. This one has boss hyogoro ready to die. What's left for future chapters?

It's looking like the act will end. And then...

You stupid or something? Ofc he was flying with luffy, even before the Germa arrived. Sanji was sky walking with a huge ass cake effortlessly which is obviously many many times heavier than luffy. Just shows how nerft Sanji was in cacao island.
what are you talking about? sanji didn't sky walk with the cake he merely kicked it onto bege's ship, are we reading the same series? on top of that sanji was struggling while flying with luffy he made it seem like all big mom children who could sky walk are faster than him. even a fat dude was able to catch up to him. it doesn't show how nerfed he got it shows how overrated he is.
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