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He's gonna lose soon

Marco: huff...huff

Marco: Raccon, hurry up...

Marco: As one who'd expect, it's pretty difficult to hold back 2 people that have bounties exceeding 1 billion berries

Perospero: Kukuku...he looks pretty knackered

Thats should be obvious enough that he cant defeat them at all.
bruh is marco really crying for chopper to hurry up. LOL
seems like sanji's CoC can influence marco. :stealthblack:
what comes next:

1. Sanji here’s Momos with Master Yamato and assumes the worst and runs to rescue him.
2. Sanji and Yamato meet Yamato says she’s friend of Luffy. Sanji senses she tells the truth all good there.
3. Perospero shoots a candy arrow at marcos back opening him up to take frontal assaults from King and Queen taking him out of commission. Right when Chopper finishes his antidote.
4. Chopper blocks the sword that was about to kill Hyo and distributes the antidote to the samurai
5. No one dies

The tragedy that occurs is when Smoothie skywalks up from the ship and we all realize we have to watch her be pointless


:kata:Marco is a close range fighter still
He needs to get close to land his attacks

He still can't bypass FS , his speed < boundman
He cant fight for hours while taking hits
His is attacking people whose CoO , attack and reaction speed all below pre fs luffy.

:milaugh:Doffy will block his kicks with Spiderweb as he blocked g3 attacks.

Im gonna enjoy Marco wanks while stating facts against it.

How does Marco even stalemate base katakuri if he can't fight an hour long while being damage from low tier moves.
Check out 1:56
Hawkins said that Kid will get killed. This was not included by Oda in the manga.

Toei Animation threw that huge hint/ spoiler that Oda hid in the Manga which is Kid or Killer's death. Knowing that Oda provides Toei with everything in advance and he even conducts meetings with them all the time.
I expect two scenarios for the tragedy of act 3,

- Either Kid dies. And due to the smile fruit, Killer can't cry for his captain's death. He laughs at his dying captain. Similar to how the Ebisu people laughed at Yasui's death. Kid and Killer's flashback starts.

- Or Killer dies which will cause Kid to snap and go crazy. Kid and Killer's flashback starts either way LOL.
Hawkins said it in the manga
It has to be noted that Marco has been fighting the calamities while also protecting the samurai (who for example Queen tried to attack this chapter).

What a monster.
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