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All of that yet the only reason big mom was scared of the attack was because of odens aura and the only reason kaido shivered is because he felt odens aura.

Literally stated in the chapter it doesnโ€™t matter who the fuck wields the sword the thing they were scared of is odens aura stop twisting what is literally said in the damn story.
im not twisting shit u can t read not my fault
i don t give a fuck what kaido says anyways soon zoro will be compared to oden :rolaugh:
Marco fought BB himself and his crew. ofc he is above all yonkou commanders

katakuri only fought non Blackbead cap pirates in stupid fanart chapters rofl
He fought Blackbeard with his crew, not literally by himself. He and crew also still lost lol.

I think people need to admit that Marco's zoan is strong, and he's strong overall, but to say that he wipes the floor against two users who haven't gone hybrid yet is pretty disingenuous to them.
is marco stronger than kuri?
marco would beat him ez :myman:
Yes, he is stronger.

No, that's not true.
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? Admirals are too stronk for yonkos's n koby tryna reach that
as a captain he's capturing yc2 Boa
Bro, we do not know jackshit about current Coby's powerlevel. Stop assuming baseless stuff that he beats two calamities.
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