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You keep denying clearly laid out facts while attempting to sound condescending, hilarious stuff. Very entertaining lol. Wonder how long you'll persist in your delusion?
Until I see Marco's superiority in the manga. I have no problems changing my mind when facts change. :catsure: See how I changed my opinion on Perospero when the scan showed that he was helped by the moon disappearing.

Are you ready to switch to King > Marco though? That's the question. :yearight:


World's Strongest Swordsman

All of them are great on his own, King wasn't bad this chapter, not use his Hybird yet. Everyone has their own forte and that make all three of them great. Marco was really great this chapter.
Taking shiryu aside cause he will obviously end up top of the list (not including zoro)
It's clear as day Benn and Marco are a level above kata and King.
King would beat katakuri that much is obvious and it shouldn’t even be debatable,

That the problem with katakuri is he is not as durable and can endure as much meaning that Marco kick would have fucked katakuri up badly while king only has a couple drops of blood.

katakuri would not get one shotted obviously but he would be in a worse condition then king
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