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I’m betting that Marco is the big death of act 3.

perfect person to die.

no one else can die without spoiling the banquet. Marco doesn’t have a connection to literally anyone besides inu neko and izo.

Perfect person for Oda to kill and still be able to throw the big banquet at the end of the arc. No one on the roof is dying that much is obvious because we expect someone to die there that’s why it won’t happen.

Marco is the person who will die and possibly the person who has 1% on their life
I know King and Queen looked outmatched by Marco this chapter... but when you think about Marco's state between last chapter and this one I think it's implies they were giving him the business a majority of the time offscreen. I think Oda made Marco the main focus to hype him a bit more before either he gets defeated or goes somewhere else. King and Queen didn't look great this chapter but if Marco is asking chopper to hurry up as if he doesn't think he can go much longer I think King and Queen did pretty good for themselves
Slowly by Slowly Oda has been de-hyping the yonkos arguments to make a case for them being stronger than the admirals
first it was marco stalling them, then proceeds to stall big mom
Yonko fans: Uh...u... his fruit is literally wahhh
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