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King the Blue Fire
No it's not. All we see him doing is turn his arms and legs at will. Not his full body.
Yeah but this is its own unique form. If Marco has a super hybrid form, that's distinct from what he's doing now. So I doubt it.
Frieza had 5 transformations coincidence ? i think not.
He had to unlock the Golden Form tho.. And that's DBS, so..
Marco's current form is very close to hybrid - he is humanoid and using his df's powers and speed.....if marco has fourth form he can use his hands may be because he will have separate wings but marco doesn't use his hands that often......
Sanji was completely distracted you liar. He wasnt even looking at Genie and was holding him back

This is Sanji against a far bigger genie.
Don’t call me a lair you fanboy, I say that Sanji can beat him but he would struggle against him. They play in the same league, base Sanji would also struggle against Page One and any other flying six. Without the Raid suit he would have taken damage by Page ones hybrid form. RS doesn’t make you jump from high vereran lvl to YC1 level
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