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The 3 All Stars will all target the samurai, and the Monster Trio will have to protect them.

King goes after Momonosuke, the leader of the samurai, and Sanji has to protect him.
Queen goes after the Yakuza bosses and the samurai army, and Zoro will have to protect them
Jack goes after the Nine Red Scabbards + Hiyori, and Yamato has to protect them
Why would Zoro go down and protect the samurai army? He's busy fighting Kaido while taking care of his captain now.
Why would Zoro go down and protect the samurai army? He's busy fighting Kaido while taking care of his captain now.
After scarring Kaido, Zoro will get Sandai Kitetsu broken and then the SNs will be beaten. Kaido will return to the main floor. Marco will heal the SNs using the last of his strength, and then Zoro will run into Queen
I hope it improves soon. I think I made a little mistake in my expectations. I just fall into the "Special commanders" loop.

I was set on each YC1 having something unique.
Marco: Regen.
Kata: FS.
and by that logic, I created some headcanon of King being this CoA master and having some op CoA ability.

Maybe he will still show something impressive let's see. He is my favorite beast pirate aside Jack. One of the coolest YC designs and aside from his battle prowess showcased up until now he has qualities.

People will say that Flying Six shit on commander and blah blah but the reality is they are no challenge for All Stars and when King gave them serious orders they listened carefully.
I see something very similar when comparing King, Marco and Katakuri. In my opinion, they are all three on the same level. Not equal in strength but none of them can beat each other with anything less than a high difficult to extreme battle.

I believe King will have the greatest CoA haki and AP. Being a swordsman in Wano I believe he will have powerful ryuo.
That's what a hybrid is.... half human half zoan
No. Hybrid (or better human-beast) is a fusion of both. e.g. Drake, who is a humanoid Dinosaur. You don't see Drake turning his arms and legs into a dinosaur while the rest remains entirely human. No. In Hybrid, your entire body is half human half zoan. Like Drake's face being half human and half zoan, just as his body being human enhanced by dinosaur properties. While Marco remains human but turns his legs and arms into wings and claws. In this form, he has full zoan and full human properties.
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