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It's not going into the trash lol, Tengu is gonna keep it. Zoro just gave away Shusui and he was ok with it as long as he got a replacement. Nidai would even be an upgrade compared to Sandai.
A part of the reason why he gave away Shusui is because it meant a lot to the people of Wano. Tengu has no reason to want Sandai instead of Nidai
So far my though for Marco(not full hybrid yet as @comrade and @HA001 implied it):
Ap: At least Snakeman lvl Ap
Haki: Good CoO and probably adv CoA step two like Luffy
Speed: Insane good, can speedblitz to commanders at once
Endurance/Stamina/Durability: Top tier
Devilfruit: Versatility at maximum, can kick, punch, use sharp cut attacks, fireballs with shockwaves

So far Im happy with Marco, ofc this is far left of him going all out but a small view overall.
Next what I want for Marco is CoC feat and awakenend df..
I never said a supernova would verse a flying six because a worst gen member has to be at least yc3. Unless the raid fails then I only see it being sanji vs king drake vs queen Yamato vs Jack. That’s how I honestly see it.

unless there’s a round 2 which then I have it as

Zoro vs king
Sanji vs queen
Killer vs jack

Luffy Kidd drake law hawkins apoo against the yonko.

that’s how I see it only if the raid fails
I never said you, you weren't here when over the summer and for months after people were arguing the power levels of the F6 immensely, stating it was impossible for the Strawhats to fight them. Now that we are here, people are having the same discussions with the Calamities.

Tbh, I've always just been about this being much cleaner than expected, because Oda needs the crew to have defining fights that propel them into the endgame. If it doesn't happen here, it will make the crew vs Akainu/his military, Im/Gorosei, Blackbeard/Shanks and their crew all the more unrealistic.

- Ulti/P1 vs Nami/Usopp (happening at this point)
- Drake (onified) vs Chopper (this is a guess, I have no idea but he's the only F6 member near chopper and is consistently drawn with the rest of the Beast Pirates in promotional material, including Volume 97 and this color spread)
- Sasaki vs Franky (confirmed)
- Black Maria vs Robin/Brook (essentially confirmed unless Brook leaves)
- Whos Who vs Jinbe (essentially confirmed unless Brook changes with him, but IMO unlikely)
- Jack vs Yamato
- Queen vs Sanji
- King vs Zoro
- Kaido vs Luffy

In this way, it maintains the idea that the Strawhats will be the ones to take down every executive force in the crew. We already know 5 of the 10 beast Pirates are entirely tied to Luffy's crew. We have potential hints that Yamato is also a potential crew member, thus warranting a fight like Franky vs Fukuro back at Enies Lobby. At this point, those last 2 are heavily dependent on how the rooftop fights go.

I don't look at this color spread and see random villains, I see Strawhat villains because to be honest, thats how they feel to me:

I also need to be extremely clear here:

- I do not mind Zoro/Luffy vs Kaido only
- I do not mind Sanji vs King
- I do not mind Drake vs Queen
- I do not mind Chopper vs Numbers or Page 1 or anyone else

But the point is, it just "feels" unlikely because how things are already lining up with the F6 fights. We'll see what happens. I hold none of what I say as the truth, it just how I feel about these matchups. They seem entirely there for Luffy's crew.
The hell are you talking about?
Drakes hybrid only changes his head+legs+tail
the rest of his body is human

Marco's hybrid changes his legs+arms+tail

Drake's hybrid= head+legs+tail
Marco's hybrid= arms+legs+tail
Both of their bodies are human besides transformed parts.

So why Drake is a real hybrid for you but Marco isn't?
Is this because of the stupid head? Are you saying Marco isn't in hybrid because his head didn't change?
That's retarded.
And btw going by your logic, Marco was holding back in Marineford since he never used his "hybrid".
That's partial hybrid form not the conventional hybrid form
Come on now ...

Everyone that actually really believes Oda is going to kill off Hyogoro after this cliffhanger is an optimist at best. Most would call it naive though.

We've had this situation over and over and over again (Igaram, Pell, Pagaya, Bon Clay, Pound etc.).
Pound was pure disappointment tho
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