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I would prefer more grounded martial arts style but I can definitely see Oda changing it to how Marco fought this chapter.
Yeo do you got that Rob Lucci avatar sauce?:akaman:
Hopefully sanji burn king suit before they fight so we can see the damage sanji does to him. Its hard to tell how bruised he is we can only tell when he cough up blood
Sanji will Kill King bro, don’t even worry, fuck these haters.

King is fully healthy, Sanji will one shot him
Aokiji after getting kicked by Marco:

Queen and King after getting kicked by Marco:

Hopefully, this puts an end to the "admiral = commander" nonsense.
Man this fandom is the worst
either a character has to look 100% clean after getting hit by high tier character or if he has a scratch that means he lost....
relax, the blood is there to show that Marco's attacks are doing something and not tickling them.

The scratches will go away next chapter
but this whole chapter is just pointing out Marco's inevitable defeat.
He's the one that keeps saying this is hard for him and pointing out he's tired/damaged, while K and Q just are annoyed at him and aren't even at their best.
but this whole chapter is just pointing out Marco's inevitable defeat.
I love it when people try to pass off headcanon as obvious narrative analysis.

Oda has foreshadowed Marco sacrificing himself multiple times.
Marco will probably heal everyone on the roof then fucking die.

It's true that Marco is stalling the calamities. But it's also true that the calamities are stalling Marco.
By the logic of marco stans.

Apoo is stronger than luffy and zoro since he was handle both even better than marco.

Even though they werent even close to Go ALL out as king and Queen are not either.

What a bunch of frauds hahaha
if you read what I said I was saying that it’s a pretty dumb statement to make when jozu already made aokiji bleed so using the blood arguement king>aokiji
I did read what you said
it isnt dumb
marco's ap didnt look as impressive against the admirals as it did against king or queen cause they could take those similar attacks without showing any visible damage .
whats worse
its a 2 v1 .
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