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Queen and King are taking damage while fighting Marco in a 1v2.
Aokiji was caught off guard by Marco and took 0 damage.

Jozu also has higher AP than Marco.
So yeah, it isn't unreasonable to scale Aokiji's durability higher than the calamities.
It actually not unreasonable for Jozu to have higher AP, he looks like a brute and diamond must hurt like hell. Marco is still superior due to his insane mobility
If you have a King level fighter fighting King + Queen, you'd think he'd push the duo to at least mid diff. Exact same thing Marco did here.
There is a difference between "expectations" and actually doing it on Panel. Expectations can be questioned as headcanons whereas Marco is proving it on panel, so either you prove that other fighters on his level can do the same or they remain below Marco feat-wise.
Marco's ability is really, really busted.

I'd even bet that Marco once tried to fight Whitebeard and, even though he was getting beat the fuck down, Whitebeard was probably like "Jesus I can't even knock this dude out wtf! HEY wanna join my crew?"
King didnt even bring out Hybrid. And two full Power Marco attacks later he only is bleeding a bit. King lowkey looks better. For a person who has regen, Marco aint looking so hot.
king needs hybrid to keep up with marco in a 2v1 with another commander almost as strong as he is:usoprice:
looks better :usoprice:
perhaps cause he is fighting two commander lvl characters .....:mihugh:

if shanks was beating both big mom and kaido in this manner and kaido didnt pop out hybrid yet would you have the same argument? thats a silly excuse.
not to mention he's been holding them both for a while now.
No im not. Both Apoo and marco were handle 1v2 and Apoo was looking even better, KO luffy, slashed zoro and needed kid on a sneak atack to stop him.

And zoro and luffy werent ALL out against Apoo as king and Queen are NOT ALL out against marco.

Stop with the pathetic esxcuses.

I don't think it's worth arguing with you, so I'm just not going to.
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