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No, read what Will happen to zoro until the end of Wano on page 386 of this thread.

I already said that before. But posted here too.
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Injured Zoro after Kaido vs King is nothing different from Injured Zoro after Ryuma & Oars vs Kuma.

Zoro will defeat King after killing Kaido.
Nah, Will be king First.
These guys are Tobi Roppo level according to you?

Law no diffed fucking Kinemon (like Jack said even half dead they are stronger than TR). Stop crying. Cracker was NEVER going to beat Luffy. That's your own headcanon. Oda will always find one way or another.
Apoo no diff luffy but dat doesn't mean he's on his level just a weird ability he had no knowledge of just like kinemon with law, now the othe stuff I'll let u believe wateva
Apoo do first a sneak attack and never face both Luffy and Zoro in close combat, they didn't even want to waste time on him.
Later Apoo did it well for very short time against Drake and Zoro,but when Zoro use ome serious attack, he was done. Not lasting over 5mins most like lmao.
Well here we have Marco facing in close combat two commanders and dominante them, so don't compare the shit with each other. Let fight everyone who isn't named Marco in his situation, Jack would get ragdolled. Put Sanji he would get neg diffed, put Law he would get low diffed if he would try go face them on a fight without running away. Since that is the point, Marco need to fight both in close combat so both couldn't damage more the members of the alliance. If Marco would take care more about himself, many alliance members would get killed already... Drake was bleeding and injuried by Base Queen alone just by facing him for few seconds(WsW didn't do anything). And Drake is a flyer lvl, above Pageone and with Sanji him same league. Duo the math, Marco hold BOTH KING AND QUEEN for over 30-40mins and fight them back. I don't know but it really seems like Marco is still the strongest member of the alliance, not everyone could perform the same feat. As example Luffy face "JUST" Pageone and Ulti and needed G4... Tells you a lot and Luffy is a monster himself.
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