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King will not be first

Zoro is already fighting Kaido and hes not leaving this fight
Did you read what i posted on page 386?
Kaido is not a 1 round Boss Dude. He Will fuck everyone except zoro because IS when the help Will come.
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I find the zoro leaving the rooftop fight argument weird
does killer leave too?
clearly weaker than zoro
I would argue law is too aside from being a captain and a great support as well.
Killer will get killed
Did you read what i posted on page 386?
Kaido is not a 1 round Boss Dude. He Will fuck everyone except zoro because IS when the help Will come.
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Killer will get killed
no ones dying besides maybe Marco. Oda doesn’t kill big characters that affect people because he likes to throw banquets and wanos banquet will be the first in the new world with all straw hats


Don't mind it!
Let's resume the situation

We have

> King / Queen aim at killing the scabbards at all cost, yet they think they can't do that due to Marco taking too much of their attention(according to King despite having Queen alongside him)

> Marco is fighting King and Queen in a 2 vs 1 for multiple chapters(with his healing ability active on the dying samurai he aims at protecting), yet Marco only has a scrath, while King is dripping blood, with Queen even more damaged

This suggest it'd take much more time to see a winner despite Marco already fighting in a 2 vs 1, likely the reason of Perospero's involvement by the end of the chapter. He'd play the role Flampe did in the Luffy vs Katakuri fight, except that unlike Katakuri who was getting stressed on base Luffy without noticing Flampe, Marco would be facing 2 opponents with higher bounty than Katakuri, with Perospero's potential support being superior to Flampe's as well

If Oda goes out of his way not only to portray Marco in a comparative level to the 2 strongest calamities despite fighting in a 2vs1 to the point of involving Perospero's help to tip the scale of the fight, that alone suggest than in case of a 1 on 1, Marco would have ragdolled them

He is a level above King
The one problem I have here is that those clowns are still in base and zoan respectively.
skimping through the spoilers it seems Old Man Hyo and Marco are MVP of this chap? Hyo is going out with style, hats off to him.

and damn Marco is doing better than i expected. looks like for now he is on top in this 2v1 but his injuries are pilling up. at this rate he might not be able to hold on for much long. and with Pero in the equation who already expressed his desire to take out Marco(saw someone mentioned about pero's grduge on king too which i forgot), things are not so bright for him. hopefully Sanji or someone comes in and give the man support. its already too much to take on 2 commanders alone much less another guy who might also be pretty close to that lvl.
hang in there chickenHead:phoenixmarco:, the cavalry is coming:queenhear:
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King wll lose before the Kaido fights ends
King is narratively too important to fall to a non-strawhat.
Sanji fans are very correct with this point.
They fail too miss that we have already addressed Sanji's background and his ties to the Vinsmokes and Queen.

Whereas, Zoro's background has not been fully explored.
And King is just as much of a mystery.
tbf I think oda would kill those in the older gen before anyone of the younger ones are killed
marco may be 45
but he clearly isnt in the new generation. the chance is there

with killer hmmm
I dont think so.
Nah, I thought so as well.
I don't think Killer will be dying.
There's only five of them at the top.
These five will be the big five of the next gen.

At best big injuries.
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