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@Jo_Ndule Queen's and King's bounties are higher than Katakuri's because a) they're more barbaric and b) under Kaido, the strongest being.

Katakuri's bounty however is power only. Boundman had no chance against him once he regained his FS. Katakuri would outplay King and Queen as well. No reason to believe he couldn't just dodge everything.
I know that
Im saying Unlike Jack, Queen and King are NW vets and their bounty is given more credentials by even Marco.
Katakuri has his own fame and status in BMp that Capone even says he is above BM in threat level.

There's no way King or Queen would be seeing or dodging Katakuri with their poor reaction speed and CoO
Same with Marco who couldn't dodge Linlin lol

Unlike Marco... I dont see how base/zoan King and Queen can even hurt and push Kata to his limits! It isn't happen. (Someone should tell me why I should give them benefits of doubts )
I just don't see it... oda showed us that blasts or bullets, punches/slashes even with haki are useless to Katakuri if your attack speed isn't above boundman.

Which YC has boundman attack speed ? None so far , maybe Marco

Based on their hype & bounties:
Benn (made his own name, his presence rivals Shanks) >=< Katakuri (FS user, undefeated in NW, his presence was said bigger threat than Linlin at Tea party.) > Marco (? What has Marco accomplished in NW..but his bounty legit tho) > King and Queen (barbaric)

Feats :
Katakuri (beat luffy in 40 min before merienda, Mid diffed G4...matched fs snakeman in base)> Marco (managed to ragdoll base/Zoan King & Queen) > King > Queen
(Benn is featless)


The Big Mom Pirates literally genocide countries for not giving them food. Big Mom had to be talked out of destroying Fishman Island. Cope
BM sends lower members for that.
KATAKURI doesn't do that... in fact top Ministers are usually running their own islands .

There was no mention or hints of Cracker and Katakuri being barbaric
Unlike Smoothie whom we saw juicing people.
Oven is crazy and attacks even family.

Cracker and Katakuri earned their bounties for being skille and strong.
Cracker is even worth 900+ easily if WG knew his face.

Cracker coild be > Smoothie.
It will explain why Cracker was Luffy's fight before Kata not smoothie
Why Cracker has more hype than smoothie in WCI
What is your take if you wanna rate them based on each where hyped according to their bounties (not feats or whatever)
We can firmly say now that King and Queen didnt mainly get 1B+ for being crazy Bastards
I said it everytime bro, King and Queen where not like Jack, they seems to beeing incredible strong and dangerous.
In that case I assume King own bounty is something between 1.3B-1.4B with showing that he is a powerhouse too.
They wheren´t bad this chapter however, they do put a work against Marco.

Gol D. Roger

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There was no mention or hints of Cracker and Katakuri being barbaric
lmao, they're all fully involved in the whole Germa assassination plot. Kuri murdered the people who bring food for him without any hesitation. Katakuri would murder people as readily as any other BM pirate. Don't give us this crap. Katakuri is not given a high bounty because he's not seen as much of a threat as those with higher bounties not because he is a saint.

Marco is far better and kinder than any other top commander. Do you think they'd give a damn about it while deciding his bounty?
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