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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1006
Title: The chivalrous man Hyougorou the Flower

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Overall amazing chapter with more build up about Queen plague, Hyo as a monster, Hotei as a fodder(expect to much).
As Hyo said, If he probably team up with Oden in the past, they could defeat Kaido most like. Showing how dumb these 5years are.
Marco is really a beast and put his name as firstmate of WB all honor.
I think the next chapter gonna still be around Marco vs King and Queen plot and about Hyo.


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King and Queen's Father, formerly knows as Marco Yoi :phoenixmarco:

Same Energy :yasu:

  • Memes aside, King and Queen are in for the long haul. We’ve only scratched the surface as far as their combat abilities go. Also, King’s race is an important plot nugget that is sure to come into play later. Obviously, Marco stole the show this week, but King and Queen haven't gone full throttle just yet. Arrogance isn’t allowing most Beast Pirates to respect the alliance yet. It also doesn’t help most Zoans are endurance monsters so they insolently tank attacks. Kaido started getting serious last we’ve seen. I believe in the next few chapters, the calamities and executives will follow suit. Hybrid extravaganza incoming soon.

  • Normally, I look forward to One Piece color pages. It provides a platform for wholesome and relaxed Strawhat interactions that are very rare in canon. That being said, this week I’m not complaining. The Beast Pirate top tiers look amazing (especially Ulti and Black Maria :catlewd::catlewd::catlewd:). Arguably, the best crew as far as character designs (Charlottes are amazing too). Not happy Who’s Who isn’t at the forefront.

  • Hyo’s sacrifice in gratitude sets the stage for Chopper to be a hero. It’d be predictable, but he needs a significant moment here. For a samurai, sacrifice is noble. For a doctor, it’s stopping said sacrifice.

  • Perospero’s savagery is so sinister. He’s more of a main villain than most actual main villains in One Piece. I have a hard time believing this to be the end for Carrot/Perospero/Pedro Revenge subplot. Minks will most likely exact their revenge on that candy ass later :kidsmile:
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