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Please , you guys downplay Doffy or Cracker when they were tired or doing multitasking

Doffy had birdcage on, was fighting Luffy while weakened and still could use awakening
Doffy lasted about 1hr after being stabbed by GK

Cracker while his df was weakened , could still make clones for 11hrs straight against Luffy who kept eating and fighting back.

Marco has no excuse to be exhausted and at limits after 40-45 min
Epsfialky when King nd Queen were casually making low tier moves (no koka, no named attacks)
Queen could even target other dudes , King could talk on the phone...they didn't take Marco seriously

Spare me the excuses...
Oda said in an SBS years ago that there was a limit to Marco's abilities. Cracker said to call his devil fruit limitless is an understatement, and there's nothing in the story that hints at, or eludes to Doflamingo manipulating his strings requiring the use of stamina.
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I think for plot wise.. The story should show protagonist losing, then flashback before close it with protagonist win back (maybe started from chopper cure) ..

We already see 9 red scabbard losing & jack is returning..
There's a hidden person for 9 red scabbard plot twist

Wanda & carrot also already lost.. But might be healed later.. Anw not really key character i think..

now we se hyogoro dying, i think he will be ok for later plot twist.. For boost samurai & Yakuza morale..

Then next might be marco as surrounded by king, queen, Perospero.. But might be helped by yamato as she near there / invisible sanji..

As no more live floor defender..will Cause x drake also raided by enemy and chopper in a brink of losing.. But might have already 95% for the cure (for turning plot point).. Also maybe yamato / invisible sanji..

After that we go to our main straw hat..
Nami, usopp, otama will lost again to page 6 & ulti but otama have secret weapon maybe.. Especially usopp

Franky lost to sasaki.. But maybe show hidden cyborg counter..

Brook & nico robin lost to black maria.. But maybe show hidden new ice soul & fleur hand skill..

Jinbe still draw with who's who, until plot climax show a new skill that he used to escape big mom Pirates..

Then finally our main hero luffy and the supernovas will lost to hybrid kaido.. Before plot twist..

So i think for upcoming chapter we will see protagonist losing..
Wonder how fukurojuku, hawkins, sanji, secret person in 9 scabbard room, orochi, cipher pol role for the plot..
By the way, just a small note:
Perospero's scene in this chapter ONLY makes Jack look all the more beastly and monstrous...

Here is what I mean, Perospero dialog eluded to the idea that he would have lost had the Solung form continued with Carrot and Wanda... TWO minks, good/decent level fighters from Zou...

We have Jack on the other hand, before going down by Inu/Neku.... Jack was able to actually beat a huuuuge amount of Minks in their solung form... THREE OF THEM are the musketeers (ranked as more powerful fighters than Carrot and Wanda) and also including some Guardian like Rody and BB....

So... what I just wanna say is... despite the fact that Oda only focuses on the Ls Jack receives and highlights it, the dude in this chapter without us even needing to see him... he got hype with Perospero's showcase... as Perospero a 700 mil bounty guy, being highlighted as a monster, but also pulling a defeat over ONLY TWO solung avarage fighters cause they ran out of solung


Oda's accuser
Tje Hybrid mode people were looking for and King's reaction is very suggestive here.
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Can any sanji fan tell me why he keep trying to protect momsuke, Wanji is suppose to be on the roof
Sanji has business on the lower quarters. He needs to assist people. He doesn't even care too much about the rooftop clash in reality, except for the entity of the battle itself, or at least he didn't show signs to nevertheless.
Can any sanji fan tell me why he keep trying to protect momsuke, Wanji is suppose to be on the roof
Kill Momonosuke, and you kill the leader of Samurai... do you play chess? once you kill the leader or the "supposed shogun" of Wano... you end the hope for those samurai and basically end the war....Naturally Luffy may not stop, but that's a mindset of War... you kill the leader, you win...

Sanji going to Momo makes sense... protecting Momo could be just as important as fighting Kaido himself (in terms of roles of war).... as Kaido and Momo are the leaders of the opposing sides

Hope it's clear.... but not sure it will be convincing cause people here only care about seeing a fight/feat and powerscaling

Bulleys and beams can exhaust and hurt Marco confirmed...
Meaning copine and crew can push Marco to high diff

:beckmoji:Marco stamina and endurance wank is over... he cant last more than a hour of assault...in 40 mins he is at his limits.
Don't forget that Marco didn't just fought King and Queen for 1h, he also mentain he's blue flames on all infected peoples that's why he is so tired (he said from the begining that using he's flames on so many peoples is very hard and tiresome for him and now we add to that him fighting 2 1b berry at the same time).
One word MARCO

He is reigning supreme across OK first deals with Kizaru casually then clashed two times with Akainu and fights Blackbeard now holds back two billion bounty men's

But that's to be expected of the first mate of WB like Rayleigh he pulls the strings

I hope all Marco critics will shut down today also Oda surprise us with a good fight is he drunk normally he would skip it and we would see kibi dango and Otama in action 99%

Apoo shows that the WG are no pushover taking two big attacks comes back and fight

Hyogoro makes short deal of his enemies nice work this chapter was 10/10
Actionwise and storywise
So, Oda draws Who's Who right next to Kaido while drawing the Calamities beneath him...hmm:quest:
Perospero is too generous. He could have still high-mid diffed the Wanda and Carrot Duo. :moonwalk:
Prime Hyougorou must have been some sort of Monster, he no diffed all of those Ninja and elite Samurai squad. Even Queen admitted his superiority.:noo:
Marco is really something. Guy has been holding back 2 Calamities worth billions and doing damages too.:phoenixmarco:
Perospero is probably gonna change the game again though.:catrude:
I would like Hyougorou to live but him having a decent death is all I can ask for. Atleast now he can die with his pride as a Strongest LEGENDARY Yakuza Boss. :ronalugh:

I ain't against Hyougorou death but not like this, yes is honorable but I still have a problem with him being killed by an ally/subordinate/friend. I'd like to see him dying at the end of the war after he see Kaido defeated.


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
I ain't against Hyougorou death but not like this, yes is honorable but I still have a problem with him being killed by an ally/subordinate/friend. I'd like to see him dying at the end of the war after he see Kaido defeated.
His death is pointless since no one is emotionally attached to his character.

Oda killing Hyogoro is basically Oda using his "Death" card and he has an excuse later on if people would cry that there were no casualties during the war.

It's bad.
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