Who is this "Oden"?

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World's Strongest Swordsman

Imagine Tengu was Oden all along
He is been hiding and waiting with Toki
Waiting for the raid

He perhaps gave the fake Emma or a replica to Zoro on purpose.

Zoro will reopen the scar? Nah
Zoro will kill Kaido? Nah

If this is the real Oden then , Oden is gonna have his revenge by killing kaido.

Now I can't wait for Garp to be back
Ace and WB will be revived by Moriah or someone else...

I've been elling you One piece is becoming Pirate Naruto version.
If zoros enma is fake that means it's all zoro with a nerfed sword noodle.


Oh God..... dont tell me Oden and Toki somehow went into the future too......
This page gave hints lol
What if Toki revetred time and saved Oden before he could be killed by Kaido?

Oe maybe the Oden that died was a xlone made from Kanjuro?
Oda is senile bruh
Any reasonable explanation for Pound's coming back?
Pound is insignificant, him being alive or dead won't change the trajectory of the story and on the other hand bringing back Oden is entirely different thing and change things in many ways...if Oda doesn't give proper justification or mind blowing revelations, then I agree with your statement and One piece didn't end yet....
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