Who is this "Oden"?

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I fucking Called it!
It's Oden!
He's still alive


You called me stupid earlier about the idea, huh!?

Lmao! You guys have zero knowledge about Oda's writing formula and his intentions for story

Me on the other hand... I am getting Ws day after day with my future sight!

Someone needs to stop me! Lol
okay ill admit ill take an L but its prob kanjuro
This page gave hints lol
What if Toki revetred time and saved Oden before he could be killed by Kaido?

Oe maybe the Oden that died was a xlone made from Kanjuro?
but it is so stupid. can't do shit 20 years ago, Kaido became much stronger...yeah better go into future and fight a stronger Kaido. Isn't it usually the opposite...lets kill him before he becomes a threat or something. :josad:
Pound is insignificant, him being alive or dead won't change the trajectory of the story and on the other hand bringing back Oden is entirely different thing and change things in many ways...if Oda doesn't give proper justification or mind blowing revelations, then I agree with your statement and One piece didn't end yet....
Insignificant is subjective

Pound is my favorite character. Oden is not
Pound is more significant than Lolden
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