Who will Kaido fight?

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Current Zoro I preemptively assume?

Let's see what he comes up with and then we can construct a scale where 1 = the average potency taking Kaido and Big Mom into account, for what we will be capable to spot at least, which won't necessarily equate to the general level of the 4 yonko.

Blother Fertitta

yea i do get the gist of it... i started late like 12 am or something but know whats what..., Finding the area between curves and Cylinders and bruh..

My nonchalance is obvious.. ik its a huge mistake on my end to start up this late but damn this year i feel dead inside... gotta get shit together it the last year ffs
Get back to studying anyways. Don’t stay on Worstgen :suresure:
The way Sanji had zero panic in his line about the raid suits “it’s just a visual thing.” Really makes it seem like Sanji wasn’t worried at all... not to mention Sanjis slight habit of messing with enemies like when he pretended to fall for jabras tricks or blatantly insulting Bon clays face
I swear it looks like Sanji is in panic and tries to rescue himself but who knows , the whole scene is weird
A word of Advice that makes you look like a prophet in One Piece.
Anytime Ndule says something, take it and invert it and you have you prediction.
Example :
Zoro will NEVER see the rooftop or Kaido (the.opposite happens)
It is the real Oden. (Well you know...)
Mihawk is Vista level ( a bit trickier but it means they are ABSOLUTELY NOT on the same level)

There are more if you want :milaugh:
Doesn't that mean @Jo_Ndule is the real prophet but he is (trying) hiding his prophet hoos by predicting exact opposite of what will happen
:zorothink: That’s an interesting way to look at it. Could Sanji have beaten Katakuri?
i think sanji and zoro both would beat katakuri easier than luffy did tbh. a lot fo the fights in OP depend on power combinations and matchups more than pure attack power and it was a particularly bad matchup for luffy since beating katakuri with blunt damage is as hard as beating luffy with blunt damage, kata wasnt surprised by any of his moves, and had his own very similar style and powers, just with better haki and awakening too.

but since hes made of food + sanji can dodge future sight attacks easily based on that wedding scene, i think he beats kata. and zoro probably chops him up pretty easy as well if they were to fight since his armament is probably stronger than katakuris armament. luffy is progressing beyond them and learning new techniques now but at one point oda said in an sbs that among the crew, luffy specialized in conquerors, sanji observation, and zoro armament. so sanji probably had higher rank observation than luffy and zoro had higher level armament

the conquerors haki is a wild card but i think both guys could be strong enough to shake it off.
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