Who will Kaido fight?

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At this point i'm between Sanji Vs Noone...Just random Clashes...
Sanji defeating/finishing the 3 Calamities XDXD (But not alone ofc) For example, Sanji+Inu vs Jack, Sanji +Marco vs King+ Sanji+ X vs Queen...
The fact sanji went absent proves he’s getting his fight this arc. He always does that before getting his fight.

King also went missing the same chapter so it seems sanji vs king is very likely
or maybe zoro didnt have time to learn it and rather oda gave him shortcut to flowing haki. as said by hyogoro that kind of haki awakens and further develops in the crisis situation but zoro wasnt anywhere near to be in those situation
he was already op, damn:finally:
he's already stronger than pre-udon gear 4 luffy, tanking kaido's hits.
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