Who will Kaido fight?

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All of Akainu’s magma does consistent damage though, so this argument doesn’t apply. Jinbe used water to protect himself from Akainu’s magma, and with Curiel we really don’t know the extent of his injuries, but he likely had Haki to protect himself as well.

With Kaido, Luffy has no Haki to protect himself but is still tanking serious blows from Kaido as indicated by the lightning effects of Luffy tanking Kaido, as well as the fact that we see building-levels of destruction on the roof, and we know building level is the max damage output of Big Mom and Kaido since they fought for two days but still couldn’t destroy the room they were standing in. In other words, defenseless Luffy is tanking them at their full strength and he isn’t even using Haki.
no, he is using haki...you can see haki sparks when the scene switched to skull....but yeah he was in base form, and looks like Kaido just parrying attacks....anyways Kaido just have some bruises meanwhile SN got pretty much fucked up...
The problem is there's another whole ass yonko besides Kaido lol, not that they can't hurt him.

All of them have shown the ability to hurt Kaido(no matter how BS I feel some are)
That’s why they’re talking about removing her from the equation, I’ve been saying she will somehow leave his side and be distracted by a third party for ages now.

They have shown the ability to hurt his dragon form and his base a tiny bit. Maybe his hybrid is that much tougher .
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