Who will Kaido fight?

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It's simple. If Aokiji freezes you over range, he does so by creating a stream of ice, which, upon contact, freezes you:

He basically did the same vs. Doflamingo, where he had the ice travel through the ground. So yes, you can counter it by stopping the ice. Freezing is most effective when point blank, but even then it probably can be blocked (e.g. by Haki). That's why Aokiji pointed out that Jozu got distracted before freezing it. Because as long as the opponent is focused on you, it's not that easy to just lay on him and freeze him. But what happened as soon as Aokiji had a free shot? Instant k.o.; Jozu got frozen and accidentally lost his arm by falling down.

As for Whitebeard, again, it's context. 1) Whitebeard had his Quake bubble charged the moment Aokiji froze him, hence Aokiji said you can't freeze vibrations. 2) Aokiji did not use ice time (which freezes you from the inside out) but used ice block, which traps you in a block of ice. As for Akainu, might or might not. Magma = molten rock. Freezing = cooling the magma down until it becomes solid rock and freezes. But Akainu is an edge case, since Aokiji's and Akainu's powers complement each other; freezing cools magma down, while magma heats up the cold and melts ice. They were basically nerfed against each other but still managed to heavily injure each other.

Same with Doffy, as I said. Bufallo said with tears in his eyes that Doffy broke out of the ice because he wasn't frozen from the inside out.

So basically, I have all the facts and arguments on my side. Will you come up with actual arguments too or will you continue with that bullshit "bUt ThEn AoKiJi Is UnBeAtAbLe". Because that's nonsense, as we've established.
:suresure:........Aokiji can one shot anyone with ice time-core freezing according to you........aokiji the WSM :cheers::suresure:
All you Z-boys in full defense mode because Zoro isn't panning out how you thought he would. Yall thought he'd be protecting Luffy, while fighting off Kaido and Big Mom, and yet here he is scheming of ways with Law and Killer to separate the two Yonko because they are too much for them. :suresure:
Who said Zoro could 1v2 Big Mom and Hybrid Kaido?

That would make him the WSM basically
With the way this fight with the yonko is going, it seems it will be like the katakuri fight. The yonkos will train luffy in advanced conquerors
Only Shanks has advanced CoC, the other yonko are fruit+ monstrous physique reliant.
I see awakening as more likely, considering the past two major fights of Luffy have been against awakened users and Kaido will probably have zoan awakening.
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