Who will Kaido fight?

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He lost importance for me after Shinobu's words. Before Shinobu's statement and beheading I thought somewhat similar to you but dropped. Right now he will only take away precious panel time.
Agree to disagree, we have our own opinions and see this manga instance (Orochi DOA) different. I won't try to convince you because here isn't a matter of being right or wrong is just a matter of tastes.
Like the Oden drawing wasn’t stupid enough...I could see Hiyori smacking him down if she’s present, but otherwise, this could also have been done in a more sensible way by a more competent writer :hapnoel:

Listen...I’m fine with this. The legbois spent the first two years of this arc squawking about how he’d be Zoro’s final opponent, but since he’s currently occupied with two Yonko, give the piddly little fucker to someone who deserves him :sanmoji:
Dont worry sanji will lose gracefully against either jack or orochi


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kaido without hybrid form he can't agaisnt tatsumaki:gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
All we know is that Kaido chose to rely on his Hybrid mode right after being consistently pressured by the novas and the argument that he was simply craving to do the job quickly doesn't hold too much, not just for this notion but also the very fact that he was taking it easy enough to let himself be hit purposefully so it would be counterintuitive, such a shift I mean.
Law and killer won't fight kaido either.
Kidd and killer can fight big mom so they (mainly Kidd) can actually do something and law to help them cause they need help more
We’ll need to see how things play out, but like I said it would make no sense for Kidd to just drop Kaido for BM. Oda needs to make it believable if he wants to have Kidd drop Kaido for BM because Kaido has done too much to Kidd and his crew.
Hahaha damage controlu.

What am I damage controlling and why would I be salty? You think I’d be salty if Kidd fought BM instead. It’s a yonko at the end of the damn day and Kidd and BM do have some sort of connection. I’m just saying it would be bad writing on Oda’s part of Kidd decides to just drop Kaido for BM out of no where when all his beef is with Kaido and he’s been ignoring BM for the whole fight so far.


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Damn, I at least thought we’d return to the roof to find the Supernovas bloody and on the ground by hybrid Kaido can’t even do that right? I guess his hybrid form is nowhere near as big of a powerup as people thought lol.

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The hybrid power-up has always been overrated. Hybrid is just a mix of base and full zoan. It definitely makes you stronger since you have your base speed with zoan power, but it's not like it works as a multiplier lol

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hybrid with the help of another yonko......
Lolko Fantasy: We return to the rooftop to find the Supernovae bloody and defeated, Kaido is picking his teeth with Enma and Big Mom has been brushing her hair the whole time

Reality: “These 2 Yonko are an annoyance, let’s separate them so we can kick their asses individually”
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