Who will Kaido fight?

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The chances of Sanji running into Orochi/Kanjuro have increased lol. Obviously won't be his main fight but will be funny if he clashes with them after the trolling Zoro got.
He won't. Orochi is planning to stay hidden. And has no interest in anything Sanji is interested in. They have no set-up and nothing to fight over. Kanjuro is going after Momo for his own reasons..
People are really serious about kaidos design being bad???

its what a hybrids supposed to be. Those canary’s have always been exaggerated or too animal based.
Not bad, just a bit simplistic. I think he should've had a bit more of a snout like the silhouette initially implied, maybe keep the sharp teeth like with Page One's.
On the other hand i'm glad we didn't get one similar to X-Drake's lol.
You have to wonder how they fight will go, since the supernovas will receive hits from a serious Kaido during the fight, it's inevitable.

Luffy in particular might receive quite a few of them. Zoro too.

Their durability/endurance will be tested to their limits.
Yeah, I mean their growth rate, especially Luffy's, is incredibly high. He learned future sight within one day. So sure, he will also tank attacks from serious hybrid Kaido, but that doesn't make Kaido weaker, since his base form knocked out Luffy in the past. It shows Luffy's growth.

Gorosei Informer

Fukorojo or whatever that Lobey Guys' name is with Orochi... That dude is the biggest coward ever.

Cant stand up to Kaido... coward, then cowers to Orochi... BUM

Waiting for Raizo to kick his ass
After what Raizo did to Kaido, that would be even more hilariously awesome!

I want Raizo to have a brother called Gaizo with the Youth Youth DF too.

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