Who will Kaido fight?

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Also, did someone talk about the fact that Kanjuro's painting did take down one scabbard who was going toe to toe with Jack and then going toe to toe with another one of the same level (Denjiro)? Though obviously considering the Scabbards were weakened.
Dude, how come luffy can tank hybrid kaido so easily when he got litteraly destroyed in wano when he fought base kaido ?:mihugh:
I don't feel any tension in the fight at all even though they are supposed to fight 2 of the most powerful beings in the entire story :luuh:
Kaido is not using thunder bagua on him. Big mom did a attack but it’s not one of her big ones like spear of Elbaf. Luffys attacking but they are playing with him
Still think it's a more broken version of Toki's fruit tbh: just being able to stop time. That's why he doesn't have to eat, he freezes time on his stomach.

It also sort of fits the potential new "universal constants" theme going on between the 3 admirals: Light, Gravity and Time.

Then again, it could also be a Logia, Paramecia and Zoan combo so there's that too. If it's Zoan, I wonder what characteristic allows him to not eat for 3 years.

Edit: ohhhh maybe it's a mythical zoan that can stop time!

Time fruit+zoan mystic version?
Pls stop I already hype myself alone by thinking of it, but it make sense.
Previous Admirals:
Have all logia with Yellow,Blue and Fire contrast.
Now we getting:
Logia, Paramecia and Zoan with Light, Gravity and Time.
The question is which zoan mysttic power could have the power to control time?

Pls we need Greenbull in Wano, Oda if you ever respect your fans, pls do it...
His whole title is based of heresay
So why is there such a big agreement on Kaido being the strongest, with Kaido receiving hype from all sides, including characters (even Big Mom, who says you cannot take down that thing) and Oda himself through not only SBS, but by also calling a chapter "the island of the strongest".

And people think Oda is intentionally misleading people like that.
Enma uses zoros own ryou . What the hell are you talking about . So Zoros ryou is the reason he can hurt kaido . No shit
He can only use barrier ryuo through Enma, yes it is his "own" haki technically...
But it's like saying a toddler riding a bicycle with training wheels can ride a bicycle unaided if you think Zoro using Enma to slash Kaido means he has that capacity outside of Enma.

Luffy knows even a level beyond the "bicycle" in this analogy, being able to ride a "unicyle" unaided- i.e. having internal destruction ryuo.
I guess Oda has to literally directly tell you. Instead of giving title the title he just makes up stories where people say if it’s 1v1 bet on kaido..... that’s what Oda does. He never gave him the title directly. Unlike mihawk for example
Bro literally they're telling than 1 vs 1 bet on kaido,why do you think 5 People are facing him?Yeah i know is 5 vs 2.But luffy fought 1 vs 1 against him and look What happened
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