One Piece Chapter 1009 - Hell

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Epic chapter. It’s a shame Oda defocuses combat in favor of adventure. His ability to illustrate dynamic action is underrated because it’s underused.

Personally, I’m more into comedy and character interactions, and I have to say Supernova interactions have been awesome. Kid showing appreciation towards Zoro goes a long way in fleshing him out without much exposition. It’s the second time since the raid I’ve been pleasantly surprised by his characterization. Imitating Killer’s embarrassing laugh was the first time.

Wholesome Strawhat moments are missed in canon, makes me appreciate color spreads.

Orochi is such a troll villain, he’s hilarious :suresure: I believe Hiyori and/or Momo will take him out for good later.

Calling dibs on this Luffy avatar when Viz clean version drops Sunday. Back off @Hades :beckmoji:
Fantastic action packed chapter,

Someone just kill off Orochi please lol, his df is so wasted on this guy.

The art work in this chapter was phenomenal. Oda always goes all out for those double spreads.

Holy shit that AP from the Kado/Big Mom combo attack was monstrous, and Zoro somehow managed to not get KO’ed by it helps Law can use his df to move people around as well. Zoro losing his bandana leads me to believe Zoro might be out of action as well.

Luffy was pretty damn good in this chapter, going head to head vs Hybrid Kaido on his own while the 4 other supernovas deal with Big Mom. (Luffy taking 2 Kanambo attacks from Kaido is pretty damn impressive tho I feel like he might be out for a bit.

Big Mom does love falling in the sea doesn’t she.
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