One Piece Chapter 1009 - Hell

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Holy Shit LeZoro James Carries the team one again and carries in the biggest way possible.

Now lets talk about this feat for a second..although @Cinera has already wrote 1 Million Essays.

Here is my analysis on it

When Zoro blocked the attack..It temporarily completely halted the momentum of the slash as it is a travelling attack that travels for Kilometers just like it did for Dorry and Broggy

But when Zoro stops the attack we see this shockwave

Then this triggers the reaction out of Big Mom and Kaido saying "WHAT"

Then obviously Zoro holds the attack for several seconds..He has enough time to yell things out..give everyone times to escape etc..This all couldn't have happened in just one second.

But even if it is one second..For Zoro to even stop momentum of that attack temporarily..Zoro's defensive power must be 80 or 90% of the power of the attack.

Because think of it that way..if an object is moving with force of 500 object that weighs 450 pounds would halt its momentum but an object weighing say 250 pounds would be pushed back without providing any resitance.

Another example of it would be me maximizing Bench at 225 pounds..I can do one rep..but I can easily completely 10 rep set of 195 pounds.

Now we even other exampes like Oden and Jinbei being sent completely sent flying by attacks much much much much weaker

Zoro not getting launched literally means he at least has EMPEROR LEVEL PHYSICAL STRENGTH AND DEFENSE because he halted momentum of 2 times emperor level attack

@Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

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