Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Ndule will come back the chapter where Peros sneaks Marco who then gets overwhelmed by King and queen, pretending that all of this never happened.

"July 2021"


Dude's out there liking posts. He's probably one of those anonymous visitors waiting for the chapter he can push his agenda with​
Dude have no pride goin come back acting like he wasn't wrong and he didn't hide then tryna talk bad about other fan base :josad:


Damn the last time I was on Reddit, a bunch of Sanji and Luffy fanatics were on ma ass for even mentioned Zoro fighting Kaido
Aged so well.

Have you guys imagined how bad it will / could be for Zoro / Zoro fandom haters when / if ZKK actually happens? Man, that would be their worst fucking nightmare.

There would be so much COPIUM and Salt after ZKK, especially if it was a break right after and we had two weeks of absolutely Zoro wanking.

Imagine talking shit and completely shitting on that theory for YEARS, to then have Oda just make it happen. That shit will / could be so sweet.
- WSS > OLD rusty Ray > frustrated Kizaru who failed to bypass an old swordman :yasu:
answer me clown why kizaru is mad and vent his anger on fodders and even his nephew adknowledged that Kizaru got stopped :doffytroll:


Blast you :usoprice::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll:

vs Shanks :

shitting his pants against a healthy yonko :usoprice::doffytroll:

the same Yonko is called a one arm has been with his crew around him :yasu:

- a screaming diamond form Jozu extreme diffed a no named slash with bruises like what Daz bones did with his blade form , a casual diamond form jozu made aokiji who is akainu equal bleeding .
aokiji could take out a distracted no diamond form casual jozu :doffytroll:

- Kizaru and Old ray weren't even clashing , what ? not giving attention to Ray who cut him when he did what you said , ask Kizaru why he was frustrated at Ray because of his failure if he believes he can bypass him , you want to give Lizaru a free feats that Mihawk showed against Vista while day dreaming :doffytroll:

- what a bs !this isn't helping u DenDenmoshi said the translation is wrong about that :wellwell:

The original Japanese Text : 《ミホークと互角以上の剣戦を演じるビスタ! この勝負で、互いの剣が相手に届く事は無かった 》

Translation : Vista who clashes in a sword battle equal with Mihawk in this match each other's swords never reached the opponent.

- and Vista VC :

Mihawk insane power:yasu:

- Mihawk is casual while daydreaming he was clashing with Vista and had him in shook with every swing of blade meanwhile Akainu can't even bypass Marco who is as skillfull as Vista while he was enraged :yasu:

- I don't read ur fanfiction of admiral piece ::doffytroll:

Shanks came to the war , Akainu sweating and stopped moving to the point he took his straw hat pretty easily :yasu: meanwhile Mihawk doesn't consider him a challenge and called him with his crew around a one arm has been meanwhile shanks crew didn't even appear Akainu started to sweat :doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll:
- SHANKS : i'm here

- Akainu sweating : sorry da--dy !!


- Shanks : i'm here

- Mihawk : gtfo you are a one arm has been


- Kaido got captured by marines a lot of times and met Garp and he didn't even include them in the ceiling while a one armed has been is considered by Kaido to have the ability to challenge him who mihawk mocked him and trained a swordman to challenge him better than his rival so much for Ladmirals .


Pica > Fujitora :doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll:

- World strongest swordman :wellwell:

it's easy to body u clown :doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll::doffytroll:

Mihawk feats:
- Cut one of the two waves that Aokiji easily frozen and those same two waves were easily destroyed by WB.

- Being stopped by Jozu who did not wear a full body diamond.

- Being threatened and stopped in his tracks by Crocodile.

- Being forced to admit that he was an idiot and to postpone the fight for Vista.

- Do not hold back and fail more than 4 times to defeat Pre TS Luffy.

- Don't defeat Buggy.

- Have duels with Shanks when he was not an emperor and never faced Shanks as an emperor.

- Stop with one leg and hands in the pockets the murakumogiri that carried the strenght of the WSM + the power of the gura gura fruit the strongest paramecia.

- Clashed equally with WB + the power of the gura gura fruit the strongest paramecia.

- Evade a combo attack from Marco + Vista. - The same Marco who sent Vista alone against mihawk.

- One shot Ace.
- Mortally wound Jinbe.
-Leave traumatized and hurt Luffy where another SN had to arrive to save his life.

- Speedblitzing Invankov + Inazuma -

-Disappear in seconds a colossal iceberg bigger than several giants.

- Tanking two tsunami inducers even one off guard.

- Fight being wounded against 14 renowned pirates of the new world + Crocodile at the same time.

- Leave Marco in depression and WB helplessly while they saw how he annihilated his crew and his flagship with the meteor volcano.

- Melt a piece of the skull and leave the WSM on the verge of death even after having made a sneak attack from behind.

-Make Yami + Gura BB flee with his crew like insignificant rats incluiding level 6 impel dawn.

- Destroy and change the weather of an island permanently.

- Defeat another top tier and spare his life.

But delusional mihawk-wankers:


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