Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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He could be trading blows with Napoleon for all we know, which in itself is pretty impressive nonetheless.
Yeah but we had info about Kinemon/Orochi/Fukurukuju/Raizo etc... nothing for Killer, aside from him blocking Napoleon
Which is impressive, but damn give me some more details... like: did he use a new attack?
So there a chance that act 3 is ending soon
My though:
-Supernova shine next chapter against Kaido
-Chapter 1010 Kaido take the win, like Bullet did against the Supernova, I can even see Kaido crushing the whole skull with everything landing into the ground where Marco and co stand now
-Onigashima lands on Flower capital

That is what I expect, since Oda probably end up the fight soon, Kaido vs Supernova coming to the end(round1, round two start in act4) while the calamity not even get their full match ups, as example Sanji still trying to find his opponent.
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