Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Do people realize that it does not matter how long Zoro blocked that attack because he blocked and tanked the initial impact of it which is the most forceful and damaging part.

I think people don't realize how fucking impressive that is.
He was dying, he didn't tank anything :kayneshrug:
His swords and Law saved him, probably Oden's haki is involved too.

Lmao if Law didn't help Zoro by teleporting him Sajifags will celebrate Zoro's funeral:gokulaugh:
No Sanji fan is a monster, we are not Zoro fans :whitepress:


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Nope, I said that 1 second blocking is still really impressive because that was possibly the strongest attack in the verse, but far less inpressive than what it seemed to be from yesterday's spoiler in which Zoro seemed to complitely block a double Yonko attack.
Blocking for 1 second and being saved from death by Law is really different from that.
No contaddition here.
Blocking the strongest attack in the series so far and saving the others is though.
Law is only able to save him because of zoros own actions or all 5 would be dead.
And even after taking damage he still carried on to help get rid of meme.
The one claiming that blocking an attack from 2 Yonkou is an inferior feat to blocking a weaker attack from one nerfed Yonkou
First the pictures haven't drop. Jinbei took a real physical blow like a champ, while Zoro seem to took a shockwave and block it with his swords and is now badly injured.

How nerf was Linlin? She was sane..
Linlin was confident that she could cut Jinbei in two with her attack.
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