Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Kid thanks Zoro for managing to slow down the attack even if he managed to do it for 1 second.
Kid asks Law why he can't just transport one of the Yonkou somewhere else. Law replies that he'd do that long ago if he can, but their Haki is too strong so he can't move them anywhere.
Kid creates a metal box then tells Law he is ready. Law then uses "Chambres" to transport Zeus into the box.
Kid then uses “Punk Pistols” to shoot multiple metal arrows at Big Mom. The arrows don’t work on Big Mom at all. She then punches Kid down to the ground.
Kid takes Big Mom punch in full but he then grabs her arm and uses “Repel”, bouncing Big Mom’s body up into the air. Law then uses “Takt” to throw a huge rock at Big Mom.
Then Big Mom realizes that the rock has pushed her off the edge of Onigashima, and below her is only the sea. Big Mom then summons Zeus to help her, but Zeus is still trapped in Kid’s box.
Big Mom starts to fall into the sea...

Come guys, dont overhype it. Overhyping is always damaging your Fav!

Zoro did incredible great here, blocking that attack is immense and an enormous feat! But, he didnt tanked it "like it is nothing", he is heavily injured. And he didnt blocked it completely. It also doesnt mean he can block 4 emperor at the same time and is doing healthy after it. What he did was amazing, but dont overhype it. You just open the gates for the counter-troll. Cause the pics of him heavily injured will come and then it goes in the other direction.

So, lets celebrate the huge Ws of our boys this week!
We never said he took the attack as if nothing had happened. we are talking about a combined attack of two Yonko it is normal that he is injured in return, it is especially the fact that he managed to block him for 1 second to save the other SN, it is especially that which is amazing. And once again we're talking about two yonko not just one
He hadn't fought Vista and VISTA FUCKING VISTA forced Milaugh to postpone the fight and admit he was an idiot.
So it's LIKELY that he NEVER faced Meme, Fuji & Ray.
And those 3 >> Vista lol

Also milaugh replaced by toys by the WG
That's why milaugh only goes to the east blue to hunt fodders like Don Krieg and fight apes so that no one stops believing that he is wss
But milaugh wankers: milaugh> Akainu
Vista after Mihawk said his name :
<< a pleasure Haw eye you heard of my name >>

And that is the reaction of Mihawk knowing his name from the best swordman in the WSM crew .

and then proceded to clash with him while daydreaming :vistalaugh::vistalaugh:
i still remember how even Lakainu couldn't bypass Marco who is as skillfull as Vista :hihihi::hihihi:

- You : Mihawk got remplaced by SSG .

- Akainu the FA talking to fuji : we need them and i'm against the order of the abolition of that system

- Fuji didn't give a fuck about ur favorite

and he got shivered and pushed back by the weakest slash from Zoro under gravity .

Fujitora who didn't give a fuck about Akainu orders is below Mihawk :vistalaugh::vistalaugh:

finally ask akainu to not shit his pants against a one arm has been :vistalaugh::vistalaugh:
It would of killed/massively damage everybody. Zoro did the right thing cause Zoro always the one to make the crucial play. Even tho he just took that massive attack, he still had strength to help take out BM.
Zoro putting his body on the line to overcome adversity leads to his greatest moments.

Doing it in this team set up and risking death so that the others can escape and not immediately lose the battle makes it even better.
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