Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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And only got badly damaged because he was teleported away, or else R.I.P. :goyea:

To be honest that makes the moment in itself even better, because Zoro stood in front of that even if it could have meant his death.

It's not all about power levels and maximum wank, if one actually likes a charater such moments are more important than that :super:
Yeah it's not really about speed or durability to me, but the massive balls to take this crazy attack on behalf of people strong enough to defend themselves anyway.
That whole part interesting since people were talking about how weak base luffy is but we have Kaido dodging his attack .
I initially assumed his Haki wasn't even back because there wasn't a mention of Gear 4. But now he'll save it for the finale.

The other condition is Zoro at or one hit away from near death. I think we'll switch back mostly until it's about time to beat Kaido
I don't pretend to know anything, hence why speak of "personally" and similar words. I'm doubting the assumptions of others here.

I don't really despise Zorofans as a whole, although (out of this debate) I do indeed despise particular individuals among his fandom; just like Oda would, and here I'm completely sure of it. But this has nothing to do with this thread.

What I'm questioning is your understanding of Oda's work, not by taking the position of assuring I know it better but by doubting his is the same as yours.

"Who was fucking around" equals he was about to kill, which he was?

Just like the Straw Hats had a prolonged fight with a significantly stronger foe, and? It's like you guys don't know how Oda's teamfights work, especially one so badly managed as this one (which feels like a staring contest for its most part).

Aokiji is one top tier and Ace did better than Zoro, so balance.

Armament haki is applied over your direct body. Swords aren't part of your body. Obvious difference there in terms of blocking.

The full summary makes it even more nuanced because Zoro ends up heavily injured.

And Kuzan was about to kill Robin, he didn't inted to spare them from the start.
While you may have some points here, overall you got some nerves to "question one's understanding of Oda's work" when you put a "blocking a combined Yonko attack" feat on par with something like "disarming Aokiji's ice sword" ...
It's just ridiculous :kriwhat:
Zoro putting his body on the line to overcome adversity leads to his greatest moments.

Doing it in this team set up and risking death so that the others can escape and not immediately lose the battle makes it even better.
Yep and if he would of went unconscious after that. It would still been crazy, but what he do, he freaking helped take out BM instead. He putting in work.
We never said he took the attack as if nothing had happened. we are talking about a combined attack of two Yonko it is normal that he is injured in return, it is especially the fact that he managed to block him for 1 second to save the other SN, it is especially that which is amazing. And once again we're talking about two yonko not just one
dont say we coz many zoro fans said that, and no one said its not amazing
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