Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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The operation has an obvious connection to the WG and more importantly the Celestial Dragons. Don't be surprised if Im himself is immortal or the Gorosei.

Law also has the whole D storyline left. Those are way bigger things than Kaido at this point
Which is why he needs to Die in Wano, because he will entrust his Dream to Luffy
It's no different than Pedro & his Dream

Oda introducing it just so that one day he tells us a Previous User used it on Im-Sama is Lackluster
Fans obviously want to see it being Used, not just hear about it
And ofc Law's Dream is way bigger than Kaido but his Role isn't Bigger than Wano Arc

This is Conclusion to the reason they made an Alliance in first Place, it's the Finale of Law's Story that started since Punk Hazard
Actually after Kaido has fallen, Law & Luffy's Alliance is basically finished so if Law survives, his Role & Screen Time will get reduced significantly so Oda bringing him back for Eternal Youth Operation will seem like a drag

Law's Story started with Punk Hazard & it should End with Kaido
He helped Capture Ceasar & then he helped Defeat Doffy so now he should Sacrifice himself so that Kaido is Killed
It's a fitting End for him in this Wano Saga


LeZoro James continues the carry job :wellwell:

Zoro is looking too beastly tho, at this point Ashura isn’t even needed for him to continue to have this level of impact. Yet he’s still got that in his back-pocket somewhere and some people were saying the Novas are going to get one shot lol. Outside of Luffy and Law no one else has been pushed to showcase their entire arsenal, until that happens Hybrid Kaido has his work cut out for him.

Nice to be getting some Kid action finally. Definitely was contingent to the plan that took out Big Mom. Though I wonder how he repelled Big Mom using magnetic force considering the fact that they just disarmed her. Only way I see it right now is if his fruit isn’t just utilizing magnetism but electromagnetism as well hence being able to repel Big Mom without any metal present.
Feneaker is an idiot should you even take him serious?
Didn't mihawk admit inferiority to whitebeard whilst akainu go equal and gets his head mop off?
DIdn't Mihawk say << us >> which includes all of the ppl around MF clown :wellwell::wellwell: you speak like an idiot :vistalaugh::vistalaugh:
Akainu to WB : Blast You
he started to curse him
- Shanks before his crew came : i'm here

- Akainu shitting his pants : yes Da-- ddy

- Shanks : you want to fight ( with his crew around )

- Mihawk : GTFO you are a one arm has been


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