Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Is that why he managed to block the combined attack of BM and Kaido?

He took the pain which knocked Luffy out on top of his own with no help.
Luffy received help from Ivankov in ID.
he wasnt knocked out lol, luffy sleeps almost everytiime after defeating the main villain of the arc. Imo luffy would be fighting against kuma if he'd known kuma was there
Probably the best chapter on rooftop for multiple reasons:

1- For once, Kaido and Big Mom attacked together, so that made sense than the garbage that was written few chapters ago

2- Zoro taking on their attacks combined was hype, not gonna lie

3- We LEARNED that Luffy's Red Rock >>> Gear 4th... as It's the only attack Kaido wanted to dodge from Luffy so far... makes you wonder why this idiot used Gear 4th in the first place LMAO... Also, it makes you think about Gear 4th was not utilizing the advanced haki... I believe... because it wouldn't make sense to make that Gear 4th suddenly become that useless of a form...

4- Kaido dodging is FINALLY here.... The fight will ONLY become good if the opponent does everything they can to win, like dodging an attack that will hurt them... I was afraid Kaido will be too idiotic to do something like that honestly...

5- Kid does something useful... OMG... LMAO even though his performance is still mediocre. But still, within his abilities and what he can do, he did something useful, so I will give him that

6- Not gonna lie, I did NOT expect Law's fruit abilities like Shambles or Personality switch to be affected by haki.a.. where it gets nullified... I only thought that cutting would not succeed if opponent haki was strong enough... but EVEN shambles and personality switch? That was a Oda's way to basically nerf the fuck out of Law's fruit to make sense of WHY he is not doing God Tier shit as he was supposed with that fruit.... Anyway, good thing that Oda put those nerfs because it wouldn't make sense otherwise for Law to stand around not doing those techniques on enemy...

7- Another thing is... I didn't expect Tact of all moves to have some relevance to this fight LMAO... but good twist Oda....

So, yeah... surely the best chapter out of the rooftop chapters for having NEW SHIT that making sense
Luffy red rock isn't over G4. You sounding crazy. Kaido is just feeling the hits after taking so much hits over and over and over. Which is why Luffy said last chapter he human and eventually he will feel it.
Zoro is the second strongest of the crew and he gets appropriate shine for that, but his raw strength feats and durability are not on the same level as Luffy's.
Yeah taking Luffy's damage and nearly dying is Zoro's top durability feat, because Luffy takes so much more damage and fatigue than the others as a standard operating procedure. Look at what Luffy survived from from Impel down to the end of pre-ts and still fought Jinbe as his wounds were opening up.
Zoro lifts his weights while Luffy runs around and fights with a giant gold ball.
Zoro lifts a building while Luffy punches through tremendous amounts of bedrock.
He cuts a chimney while Luffy splits a city in W7.
Zoro faints to a shoulder wound and a stomachache, while Luffy carries on fighting after being drugged and having his stomach drilled through and being beaten for hours.

Again Zoro's feats are impressive, but you need to stop downplaying his captain.
I think Zoro was introduced as someone damn near equal to Luffy tbh, Pre timeskip Zoro especially. Their feats are almost identical pre timeskip. Post Timeskip, the focus is more on Luffy it seems like Zoro is not on the same level but the reality we havent focused on Zoro as much.
Doing damage doesn't mean being superior, and the fact that Kaido was able of one-shotting Oden says that he was at least pretty close to him, possibly already equal or stronger than him.
And Kaido wasn't damaged that much by G4 attacks, still has more in store than Luffy currently and he's still far stronger than Luffy and any of the other Supernovas even without Big Mom, those are the facts too.
Yes the point is Kaido can one shot someone stronger or equal to him in the right circumstances, that is why I brought it up as an example to how Kaido could oneshot a distracted ryuoless FS failing boundman while still being decisively weaker than a post-udon boundman.

Luffy seems to think otherwise and that he is racking up damage against Kaido. Luffy has more in store too, unless you seriously think Oda has left Luffy's trumpcards to be shown before everyone elses against to what happens every other arc- he hasn't even used "King" moves yet, without getting into stuff we haven't seen.

The point is Kaido was powerless against G4 and just had to take his hits and outlast it, just as Doflamingo was mostly helpless and needed to stall. Kaido had more stamina than Doflamingo and a better regeneration rate than even the stitching but still. Make G4 infinite and Kaido is fucked, from what we've seen so far- sure there is probably awakening but otherwise he would be fucked.
My Predictions for Zoro Haters Threads after Chapter is Released:
  • Kaido/BM's Combo Attack isn't Top 5
  • Zoro slowing & tanking their Attack doesn't mean anything
  • Gura Gura No Mi Punches are more Powerful than Kaido/BM's Combined Attacks
  • Enma did the Job, not Zoro
  • Zoro took most Damage because he will Fall First & fight King
  • Raid Suit can Tank Yonko Attacks
  • Sanji too can Slow down & Tank that Attack because He & Zoro are Equals
  • Kaido & BM are Weakest Top Tiers
  • Kaido & BM's Attack = Dorry & Brogy's Attack
  • Zoro's Hiryu Kaen = Luffy's Red Hawk
  • Zoro's Haki is Weaker than Law's
  • Any Yonko Commander can Tank Kaido/BM's Attack
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